ZOMs – They’ll Steal Your Hearts…and Your Brains

November 12th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

ZOMS - horace doll
(credit: ZOMs website)

This weekend Kimi and I stopped by DesignerCon at the Pasadena Convention Center and had a blast! We didn’t stay very long, but we did discover a bunch of really cool brands, including ZOMs.  These plush zombies certainly did steal my heart! I didn’t pick up any plush ZOMs that day (although, now I wish I got one of the ZOM-bees that were on sale at the booth), but check out my Leo-ZOM pin!


Buster vs ZOMs

Buster vs. ZOMs

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Blaaah! I Vant to Suck Your Data! | Mimoco USB Sale!

October 14th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

galacula mimobot

Halloween is right around the corner, which is really just another excuse for me to buy things. The cool cats at Mimoco are running a great sale right now for Halloween.  Right now you can get up to 35% off select characters, like this cute Galacula USB Stick. Way cuuter than that bland looking white USB stick you bought from Target on a whim.


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This is Halloween!

October 10th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

2013-10-08 19.08.14

Oh, how I’ve missed everyone!  Things have been ridiculously crazy because I started a second job, which requires me to wake up at 5am, but overall life is good. October is my favorite month because it means Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!  The great thing about Halloween is that adults don’t have to feel bad about devouring bags’ worth of candy and there are always cool activities going on all month.

Earlier this week, Kimi and I went to  Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland. We went as Mary Poppins and Bert and was pleasantly surprised to see so many other adults dressed up too. Minus one incident with a crazy pimp lady (wearing a bright green felt jacket) yelling at me because I accidentally cut in line (mind you, I apologized for my mistake and she yelled anyway), we had lots of fun. To the crazy yelling pimp lady, I hope you received lots of stale granola and bite size almond joys in your trick-or-treat bag.

Anyway, next we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming…

Cadaver Dans

The acapella group, the Cadaver Dans


Pride Socks Continues to Rock My Style

August 8th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

Pride Socks

Oh Pride Socks, how I love thee! Let me count the ways! I love the bright colors of your newly revamped website and free shipping on domestic orders over $49.99! I love your rainbow vintage style and the compliments I receive when I’m rocking my White Rainbow Lowcut Socks or my Black Rainbow Lowcut Socks. And I especially love the power and positivity behind your company’s message.

Pride Socks is about being proud of who you are so you have the confidence to achieve your dreams. This can be interpreted in so many different ways and I love that. These socks and the positivity of their message is totally up to you. Every order comes with these cute stickers (shown below) so you can write down your proudest moment and display it proudly. Ultimately, it’s all about feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments.

Owner Rachel Smith was always obsessed with socks even as a child. She was one of five siblings, born and raised by Deaf parents, who revealed that job opportunities and income were limited growing up. They often recycled clothing between siblings and matching, hole-less socks became a commodity in their household.  The challenges Smith’s family encountered bonded them and also established her strong appreciation for diversity in others. As she states on her website, “At Pride Socks, we believe when people are proud of who they are, where they are and what they do in live, they can and will accomplish their dreams.”

So check out their newly revamped website and read about all the positivity at their Proudest Moments Blog.

pride socks

pride socks

pride socks

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Funko Pop Culture Vinyl Cuteness Overload

July 29th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

Funko - Minion Dave

Funko was one of my must-visit booths at Comic Con this year. I am a big fan of their vinyl  toys and wanted to grab some of their exclusive toys.

Unfortunately, a gabillion people had the same idea as me and most of the cool SDCC exclusive toys were sold out by the time I checked out the booth on Thursday. Lucky for me (and you), they sell many of their non-exclusive toys on Amazon (they don’t sell it from their official website). I really love their Despicable Me minions, but Funko carries a whole bunch of different pop culture toys! Ninja Tutrles, Disney characters, and more.

Just wanted to share with you all so you can also enjoy the cuteness overload.

funko - minion carl

Funko - evil minion

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