Rock Scissor Paper – Feel Good Cards and Stationary

Stationary company Rock Scissor Paper won my heart first with this adorable mobile display, then with their feel-good greeting cards and accessories at UniqueLA. Everything was so vibrantly colored–their booth was like a little bit of sunshine in the convention center.

I particularly loved this feel good mug that read Don’t Worry, Everything is Going to Be Okay. What a perfect way to start each morning–with a pep talk. Check out their website here.

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  • Susie

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and kind words about our designs! The “Don’t Worry” mug is definitely one of our all time favorite designs and it is on my desk as I write this!
    Love + Happiness,
    Susie (co-owner, designer: Rock Scissor Paper

    • kristel

      Susie! It’s my pleasure. Your products has such a feel-good vibe, I had to share with others. I don’t even drink coffee and I’m thinking of buying that “Don’t Worry” mug just to have on my desk to decoration :)