Anatomical Heart Locket

Nothing quite says “you have my heart” like this anatomical heart locket.  Sure you can give a Tiffany’s heart or some infinity blah blah blah symbol, but I personally think this is much cooler. It’s made of white bronze and the detailing on this is pretty amazing. It comes with an 18″ sterling silver chain and it looks pretty cool when you open it too.

NOTE: This awesome jewelry was created by artist Peggy Skemp. You can check out her website here.

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  • ALEX

    Where is this from?

    • kristel
      • Peggy Likestomakestuff

        Hey there, Thanks for posting my work, although you did not credit me as being the artist. I make these lockets by hand in Chicago. My name is Peggy Skemp and my website is

        • kristel

          Hi Peggy!

          My apologies for not crediting you properly. I was grabbing the information from the website where I found your jewelry. This entry has now been updated to include a credit to you.

          • Peggy Likestomakestuff

            Thank you Kristel!