Let Nostalgia Take Over with these Stoneware TV Dinner Trays!

Usually my entries are pretty short, but today is special because I actually got to try out this Stoneware TV Dinner Tray thanks to the lovely folks at Uncommon Goods! I love it so much that I’ve been finding excuses to use it, even if it’s just for candy. Or ice cream. Or cereal. Yah, you get the picture.  Last night, however, I used it to make my home-cooked Korean BBQ look amazing.

After testing it out over the weekend, I think they’d be perfect housewarming gifts for any of your friends or even gifts for  husband, especially those kids at heart (hint: me, you can buy me more if you feel so inclined). Unlike the trays you used in high school, these are made of stoneware which means they’re dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.  From the product listing, I wasn’t sure if the plates would be too small for adults to use, but as you can see it fit my adult-sized portions in there (i.e. I eat a lot)! I should also add that they’re only $24 for a set of two, which is much cheaper than I expected!

So let’s rewind a bit.

Package from Uncommon Goods arrived on Friday.  Buster thought the goodies inside were for her. You know how cats are. Two trays per set and they were well wrapped, so you don’t have to worry about travel-damage.

Took ‘em out to see how they looked. Naturally, the cats thought it was for them.  As a note, the stickers were a bit of a pain to remove. I recommend soaking the trays in the sink with dishwasher soap and hot water for an hour. It made it much easier to peel off!

And here’s what it looks like when you’re ready to eat! Super cute! You can buy yours at Uncommon Goods too!

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Uncommon Goods

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