The Brands Boutique – Showcasing Indie Talent

The Brands showcases independent designers and labels, by hosting monthly events around L.A. Their local designers feature products unique to the California lifestyle of beachy threads, “high” fashion, pop culture wear, plush lovelies, and eclectic, funky artistry. They sell a nice variety of paper goods, indie clothing brands for women, men, and kids as well as fashion tees, handmade wares, eco-friendly bags, and art prints.

For example, I am most definitely loving these minimalist style eco-friendly tote bags! They are a definite must for grocery shopping, especially at Trader Joe’s (where I think you have a chance to win a gift certificate in their weekly raffle if you use reusable bags?).

Their overall store selection seems to vary  on the artists they are showcasing, so I recommend bookmarking their site and checking back often.  I also just found out that they’ll have a Pop-Up Shop at the Anime Expo this weekend in Los Angeles.  I was able to get a sneak peek at some of the items they’ll be selling and I think you all will be pleased. I saw a few of my favorites from LA craft fair’s past and present.

You can buy tickets to the Anime Expo [here]. You actually only need to buy tickets for the Exhibit Hall only if you just want to go shopping there.

And if you make it down, be sure to say hello to the lovely people working at the Brands Boutique!


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