The Great Gatsby Novel Poster

I am not a fan of the Great Gatsby, but I know a lot of people who might enjoy this awesome piece of art.  The artist has creatively incorporated the actual text from the Great Gatsby to create this Novel Poster. According to Uncommon Goods, “Each one uses the complete text of a favorite book to create a bold a silhouette of one of their instantly recognizable characters. Dorothy and her pals skip through their journey to meet The Wizard of Oz. Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland attempts a round of flamingo croquet. Headstrong romantics Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy draw together near the end of Pride and Prejudice, while Daisy Buchanan stands at the heart of The Great Gatsby, looking tragically chic. The posters are high quality prints of black ink on White Porcelain silk cover paper, and while the print is very small–it is entirely legible! A startling feat of both literature and design. Made in San Diego, CA.”

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