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How EOS Made a Boring Product Sexy and Fun

Re-thinking an old, somewhat boring product to ignite interest and loyalty among today’s millennials may not sound like the best business strategy, but the founders of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) sure got it right. Their lip balm has taken the market by storm and has young women exciting about oral care.

With incredible hands-on attention to detail, co-founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky turned their start-up lip balm company into a fast-growth company whose product line is a staple in every with-it woman’s hand bag.

Keeping their target audience – fashionable female purchasers between 25 and 35 – in laser focus, the founders developed a product that appealed to all five senses, from the sound of the closing, brightly colored orb to the taste of the flavors. They also appealed to the generations’ socially conscious side and decided to go with all organic ingredients, while keeping their lip balm at a modest price point. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the founders, as well as their commitment to developing a truly distinguishable and top-quality product, were a great resource for EOS Lip Balm, particularly in the early days of the start-up.

To market their product, EOS went straight to the audience they hoped would fall in love with their product. They created a buzz through beauty bloggers and on social media channels. They reached out to beauty bloggers who reviewed the product and talked about it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Endorsements from stylish celebrities didn’t hurt, nor did partnerships with other, well-established brands. In short, EOS made a stale, boring product hip and cool and established a market for it. To put their swift success in the oral care industry in perspective, EOS now sells approximately 1 million units a week and experts predict that the oral care market will grow steadily as customers continue to gravitate to all-natural and organic products, which is the hallmark of EOS ( As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the company’s success has spawned copycats, who created lip balms in similar packaging and flavors.

The founders of EOS, who manufacture their own product rather than contracting out to a third party, are aware of the fickle nature of the beauty industry and know they must keep demonstrating the same kind of innovation to keep consumers’ interest. EOS now includes lines of hand and body lotion and shaving cream, and as was teased in a recent overview of the company in Fast Company magazine, plans to offer additional products in other categories in the future. Visit the


The Role of Keywords in Writing a Quality SEO Article

The importance and relevance of employing the use of Keywords while writing an SEO article need not be over emphasized. Search Engine oriented articles have in the recent past been used an effective tool of advertisements. This is as a result of the recent spike in internet users with the society embracing the internet as an effective tool of passing valuable information.
SEO’s have in the past used Keywords as an effective means of guaranteeing a higher position in the SERP’s. In the past SEO authors used a rather unscrupulous mode of writing. Most writers preferred flooding articles with keywords in a bid to gain prominence through internet clicks.
However, this is not the case in the present reality. With SEO authors departing from the traditional mode of writing. This is as a result of Search engine developers seeking to address concerns raised by searchers with regards to the quality and relevance of information provided to internet users.
This has resulted to SEO authors embracing a different approach while writing the articles in a bid to conform to the demands and requirements dictated by internet users. Some authors choose to hold onto the traditional method with the most common method seen when reviewing titles and Meta descriptions, which is commonly referred to as word stuffing.
The most recent and accepted way of writing an SEO article is more descriptive and definite. In writing a quality SEO article under this model, SEO authors should lay emphasis on the use of Keywords. Keywords have not lost their glory, in essence keywords should be used with the intention of addressing the web searchers.
Under the new model keywords ought to be used in the page title, this is because keywords inform web searches as well as search engines on what a page is about, Keywords should also be used in the headline while maintaining relevance on the subject. The Meta description, is also an important part of an SEO, it does not guarantee clicks bit plays an important role in describing what a page is about. A quality article should also include an image that contains keywords. It is however important for White Shark Media to proof read their articles to ensure that they do not use too many keywords.
The process of choosing keywords to use in an article can prove to be very daunting. It requires intensive research in an attempt to get valuable insights as well as maintain relevance to the subject the article seeks to address. After the research it is important for an article author to design a catchy title that contains the keywords. In designing the keyword, authors can choose to use synonyms that are accepted by search engines.
Search engines have become smarter and it is therefore important for all SEO authors to embrace these changes to effectively direct potential searchers to their site.


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Weighing in on New Zealand as a Tax Haven

Recently, New Zealand has been touted as the place to be for people who want to have little to no taxes. Articles have made it seem like it is the perfect place and that there are very few taxes that people actually have to pay. While New Zealand may seem idyllic as a place to live, and it is, it is anything but a tax-free zone. Actually, in recent times the taxes on property and living in New Zealand have actually been increased and have been made even higher than they ever were in the past.

Because of the news articles, people have been flocking to New Zealand faster than you can say Kiwi. It has led to a huge influx in the country’s economy and has helped the area out immensely. Many people, though, end up disappointed because New Zealand isn’t the tax-free paradise that they had been dreaming of. The country itself is still nearly perfect for expats who want to live somewhere different than the norm, but it is not one of the places where they can live without worrying about paying any taxes while they are living there.

There are some places, though, that are tax-free or low-tax. There is a list of countries that have very few or no taxes and these countries comprise a list that is put out on a yearly basis. While New Zealand does seem to have lower taxes than some areas, it does not have taxes low enough to make the list. It has never made the list, and global Attorney Geoff Cone does not predict that it will ever make the list. He believes so strongly in this that he has actually put out specific responses to people who believe that they are getting a tax-free living arrangement in New Zealand.

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who works in many different areas. He is a professional and has worked with people who come from many different countries. While he is doing this, he is able to advise them on where they should move and how they are able to do it successfully. He helps advise on different options when it comes to moving, too. He knows some of the best places that people can go to live a tax-free lifestyle and he also knows that New Zealand is not one of the places that would be a good option.

While Geoff does not think that anyone should move to New Zealand for tax-related purposes, he does believe that it is a great place to live. The style, the way of life, and the economy of New Zealand are just a few of the things that he loves about this country. He knows that people will be able to live a relatively comfortable life in the country because of the economy and not because of the way that they are able to do it without ever having to pay tax. New Zealand is great for people who want a good place to live, not a tax-free place.

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Former Hawks Owner Sues Insurance Company Over Ferry Settlement

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Baskteball LLC, the former group owning NBA franchise, filed a lawsuit against New Hemisphere Insurance Company for involvement in Contract breach on the settlement claims by Danny Ferry, the former general manager.
The former ownership group of the Hawks (AHBE) encompassed Bruce Levenson, the controlling partner. The lawsuit had nothing to do with the current ownership of Hawk led by Tony Ressler, the principle owner. The litigation, filed in the Fulton County Superior Court on Sept, 13 against New Hemisphere Insurance Firm, is a civil lawsuit for contract breach and assurance stale faith. AHBE claims that his company was insured a policy that would cover his business for certain losses regarding “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination.” According to the documents in court, AHBE gave notice to the insurance company on April 2, 2015, that the claims were asserted by Ferry that was thought to be covered.

Hawks and Ferry ownership reached an agreement on June 22, 2015 (, finishing the six-year relationship, 2012, $18 million relationships. The approval for the sale of the franchise to the group led by Ressler came two days later. According to the current Hawks ownership spokesman: “We are conscious of the protest. The involved parties have no ties to Atlanta Hawks, and we have no further comment regarding this matter.”

According, the documents in court, the amount of the lawsuit is confidential. The litigation states that the policy liability confidential limits are sufficient in playing AHBE’s claim.

Bruce Levenson is the United Communications Group (UGC) Partner and Co-Founder. Mr. Bruce Levenson is also Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Owner. He co-founded UGC in 1977 with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. Before founding UGC, he authored for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He has also directed TechTarget, Inc. Read more on


Achievements of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is trying very hard to bring balance both to the National Assembly and the Agricultural sector. He is now the deputy of National Assembly in the state of Guárico where formally he was the president of FEDECAMARARAS. He offered quality services in both areas in the public service though they were different but also complimentary and this increased his popularity. He is a highly respected businessman and is now moving on to politics.

His Views on Politics

Having being in the Agricultural sector before, Jose is very concerned about precarious situation affecting Guárico agriculture. Due to lack of foreign exchange means, farmers in this area stopped producing high tons of rice since they were unable to predict the future. It is very important for farmers to be guaranteed that the crops they produce will have a passage for foreign exchange. Manuel predicted that there will be shortages of food in the country if the matter concerning foreign exchange was not looked at by the Assembly. The Assembly could not offer any solutions to the farmers and hence no one was there to listen to their concerns.

Since Jose Manuel Gonzalez has been frustrated by the National Assembly, he still thinks that the experience he has had is invaluable. He is a full-time deputy and spends most of his time interacting with communities and attending meetings. With this, he has developed a close relationship with them and earned their respect too which he feels good about. He hopes to improve the national interest which he has convinced the public about. Manuel believes that politics is the major cause to the fall of any country and he therefore refuses to have the politician course.


Jose Gonzalez states that having a national agreement is the best way to ensure that the country will feel good about it and also take into consideration all the responsibilities owned to the future generations. He also feels that the best party to launch this agreement should be the government by ensuring there is proper governance in the country. Economic growth and peace should be the main concerns during the launch.

Thor Halvorssen Wants To Bring In As Many Good People To The Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen has run the Human Rights Foundation for some time, and he has a large board of directors that he has chosen to support the mission of the organization. The Human Rights Foundation is a large nonprofit run out of New York, but it has offices around the world that are supporting their mission.

They want to be sure that they have reached out to the people around the world who are most in danger, and they also want to see what can be done about specific geopolitical situations around the world.

Geopolitical issues around the world can become very difficult to manage because there are people who simply do not want to negotiate. According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen stands in the middle of these situations working with both sides to make sure there is a safe solution. He knows that countries often do not go to war so much as they become too insular.

The insular nature of these countries can cause their people to suffer, and Thor Halvorssen wants to be sure he is avoiding such suffering. He got his start long ago as a government official in Venezuela who found corruption that he stopped. He was disillusioned with the way government operate, and he wanted to start an NGO that would help anyone.

The NGO known as the Human Rights Foundation has people working with it around the world, and it also has a lot of people donating to the cause. Thor Halvorssen is able to aid human rights efforts around the world under the flag of an NGO, and he will reach peoples who are not receiving assistance any other way. It is very important for people to feel safe worldwide, and the Human Rights Foundation does a very good job under their leader in helping the helpless.

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Class Dojo is Better Than Status Quo!

Teaching is a stressful job, and certainly is only a calling for those who have the patience, ambition, and sincere love for working with children. Occasionally, there is a teacher who is put into this line of work by some higher power. I am one of those teachers. Although a certified teacher, relocation and life have currently positioned me as a guest teacher (nee “substitute” moniker of yesteryear).

Guest teaching is a harrowing experience for most and therefore the few of us masochists who actually enjoy the ongoing and endless changing of grades, students, schools, rules, etc. have also learned of a new community building software app that is also very beneficial for the guest teacher(s). That app is known as “ClassDojo.”

Having first experienced this new software app on a second grade teacher’s smartboard, I was a bit perplexed at first and more than just a little curious. Hence, a little online investigation of the app pleasantly taught me that not only does it provide a quick and easy communication platform for the entire class, it also provides a “lifeline” to the students’ parents, thereby creating a perfect little triangle of community that does indeed enhance the educational process. Parents can also be made aware of their children’s kudos and demerits online whenever they occur if they are signed up for the service.

The app also provides the ability for a student or teacher to take photos or video of the project they are currently creating and the visual is parlayed directly to the parent. Students love this attribute!

ClassDojo’s creators and founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, created the app with the mission statement that change in schools is a ground-up process which largely begins with the classroom teachers. The founders’ theory is that a classroom culture changed for the better in turn can lead to improvement for the entire school, then to the community, and ultimately will improve all of academia’s conditions with infinite measures.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that the entire app can be downloaded at will but with obvious approval by the teacher’s school administration. There are the obvious and typical pundits who decry it as a violation of privacy policies; however, ClassDojo has been successfully used in as many as two out of three public schools since its surfacing in 2011.

Academia cannot flourish with an attitude of status quo, so let’s ClassDojo!

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