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Thor Halvorssen’s Diverse Efforts for Human Rights

Human rights is something that is worth fighting for. Unfortunately, so many injustices have been committed which have been swept under the rug. The victims are left to have to deal with the injustices because of apathy. Fortunately, there is someone who does not want to let this type of injustice go. This person is so passionate about human rights that he has started a foundation with the sole purpose of bringing to light the violations that people have to deal with in their own countries. Therefore, he is gaining a lot of ground on what he can do for the world. His name is Thor Halvorssen

One of the ways that Thor is bringing more attention to the injustices of the world is by putting together films. He has produced quite a few films which have brought about a lot of attention to the issues throughout the world. Hollywood is one of the best ways to bring certain issues to attention. After all, there are a lot of people that consume different forms of media. This is why it is important to be able to reach them in the most efficient way possible. One thing that could be said for people is that they are typically compassionate. Therefore, they need to be shown these different issues in order to be able to support efforts to bring about greater human rights to people.

Thor Halvorssen is someone that can be trusted in the fight for human rights. Therefore, people can rest assured that there are going to be more people in the fight for human rights. For one thing, Thor has inspired many people to follow suit in what he is doing. He not only fights for better demonstrations of justice, but he also takes the time to get personally involved even at the risk of his own life.


Where To Learn About Lifeline Screening

One of the most important aspects of a decision is knowledge. It is important for one to make sure that he knows enough about an option before he makes a decision on the object. However, one has to know where to learn about something. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of sources of information that one can look into so that he will know what he needs about the topic of interest. Among the topics that one needs a ton of knowledge on is health. It is important for people to know their bodies and know how they can get their best treatments.

Among the companies that people need to know about is Lifeline Screening. This type of company gives people information on all the tests that are available to them so that they can avoid certain diseases. Among the diseases that one should avoid is cancer. However, this type of disease is hard to detect in some cases. It requires some kind of special testing in order to be able to catch it in the earlier stages. When one is able to catch it at its earliest, then he has the best chance to treat it successfully.

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With Lifeline Screening, one will be able to catch on to the more sneaky diseases and conditions. This is very important for people to be able to do this so that they won’t find themselves dealing with any problematic symptoms due to the advancement of certain diseases. Also, these health screenings and tests will reveal if one has a risk factor for issues such as a stroke. Then one can take the necessary action in order to prevent this from happening. Lifeline Screening is powerful in that it allows people to be proactive in making sure that they are healthy.

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer And The Leading Media Enterprise RBS

Not everyone can make a success out of the chosen career right after leaving the graduation, but the Brazilian businessman Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, popularized as Duda Melzer, is an exception to the rule. Having graduated at his 26 years old in Administration, he comes from a family of a renowned name. See,

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the Chairman and President of the RBS group, a Brazilian media network that is responsible for news, entertainment and other journalistic fields to me emitted through radio, television, magazines and their website. According to, they are linked to the most viewed Brazilian channel, “Rede Globo,” as well as directly related to fifteen radio stations and three newspapers. Being the president of such an enormous company makes Duda Melzer a historical name for the Brazilian history. He has been in this rewarding position since 2012.

He is also President of the counsel and founder of the e.Bricks Digital, responsible for investing in the digital department both in Brazil and the US. Duda, however, actually began his career in the United States, not Brazil. He worked as a financial analyst for the American company Delphi Corporation, in 2002.

RBS was ranked in 2014 among the top three media enterprises that generated the most profit for Brazil during that period. It has also been ranked among the ten most innovative companies in the country.

Eduardo is also a Sympathizer of art, as he is a counselor of the leader of artistic events in the city of Porto Alegre, Bienal of Mercosul.

One of his post recent achievements though has been the invitation to be a member of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Knowing that this institute only chooses 25 influential names across the world, being invited to be a part of the leaders of the 2016 selection is a big honor to Eduardo.

Eduardo Melzer is the grandson of the founder of the RBS, Maurício Sirotsky. He assumed the presidency of the company in 3 of July 2012, in Porto Alegre.

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How EOS Become Your Favorite Lip Balm

Over the past 7 years, EOS lip balms have quickly outgrown the popularity of other household lip balms, such as Chapstick and Blistex. Evolution of Smooth’s explosive growth has also been due to the spheres being used by famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and other popular people. EOS has been featured on countless beauty magazines and can easily be found at most drug and department stores.

The EOS Company is currently worth over a quarter of a million dollars, sells around 1 million units every week and is the 2nd best-selling lip balm after Burt Bees.

Sanjiv Mehra is the co-founder and states that he and his business partners conducted consumer research and discovered that lip balms are primarily used by women as a part of their beauty regimen. EOS lip balm products have been tailored to meet this market.

The idea of the sphere came about from a clay artist that created the shape. Mehra stated that he and his partners wanted to create an imaginative shape that was out of the ordinary. They also wanted to create a product that would not eventually go-out of style, but would become a staple item that people would use for a long period of time.

Mehra explains that selling the product to stores was difficult, as most chains felt as though consumers would be loyal to bigger brands such as Chapstick, and that men would not want to use the product. However, he eventually met with the female buyer at Walgreens that liked the idea of the product. EOS is now sold in Walgreens, Well and Target stores across the United States.

They continued to promote the product through beauty bloggers on Facebook and celebrities. Over the past 7 years they have experienced explosive growth and the numbers continue to grow. They also have a large social media following.


Clay Siegall: Passion Driven Gene-Cist

Clay Siegall is the current President and Chairman of Seattle Genetics, a company he cofounded in 1998. Clay Siegall is an expert in cancer therapies and treatment. Mr. Siegall draws motivation from his passion for his patient’s recovery and the use of current research innovations to develop new drugs to treat cancerous conditions. His strategy involves combining cancer research information, cutting edge technology, and development of medicines to treat even the rarest and incurable types of Lymphoma cancers.

Under his stewardship, Clay Siegall has been able to secure $1.2 billion in public and private funds for future research. Clay Siegall has generated revenue up to$350 million solely from the selling of the Adcentris Drug. The Adcentris drug was developed by Seattle Genetics and is an anti-drug conjugate (ADC) which has since been approved by the FDA.

ADC’s are used in the treatment of lymphoma cancers and is claimed to be capable of treating 70 other diseases. Clay Siegall’s firm has already rolled out trial research centers in various states to test a drug that is currently supposed to be the ultimate cure of Hodgkin Lymphoma. Clay has acquired several multiple licenses for their ADC technology with large pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline.

From 1991 to 1997, Mr. Siegall worked as a Principal Scientist at Bristol- Myers Institute. Siegall previously worked at The National Health Cancer Institute in the years 1989-1991. Clay Siegall sits on several boards of directors including Mirna and Ultragenyx Therapeutics Inc., and the Washington Roundtable.

Clay Siegall has authored over seventy publications, including several Word Press blogs. The latest is an intriguing article on a controversial genetics breakthrough. Mr. Siegall has received numerous awards for his selfless contributions in the field of research; In 2012, Siegall was awarded the Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young in 2012 and 2013 the University of Maryland recognized Clay Siegall as the Alumnus of the year in mathematics and computer informatics. Clay Siegall also has 15 registered patents.

He is a Zoology graduate from Maryland University and holds a Genetics Ph.D., from The George Washington University.

How Does Fabletics Plan To Improve Its Store Launch?

Fabletics has given a number of women the finest clothing they could ask for when they are using casual wear every day to go to the gym or run errands. There are a number of things a woman may wear when she trusts in Fabletics, and this article explains how the company is expanding to stores that will reach out to customers who love shopping on the site. There are many people who wish to use their casual clothes all day, and they do not have time to change back and forth between multiple outfits. Kate Hudson’a vision is on display, and she is the face of the brand at the same time.


#1: The Clothing Is Casual And Beautiful


The clothing is casual and beautiful when a woman leaves the house, and she need not spend so much time on her clothes when she is unsure of how she will get through the day. She may wear her gym clothes when she leaves the house, and she may change around those clothes as she goes through the day. This is a single system that women may use, and it is often based on their sports bras and tights.


#2: What Is The Reason For Moving To Stores?


Fabletics wishes to expand to stores because they have a large market they have not tapped. The market will only improve when a woman is shopping in the stores, and they will see the same products they would have found online. This is how reverse showrooming works, and it allows the customers to become familiar with a brand online before going into a store.


#3: Using One Account


Using one account to shop with Fabletics helps make the customer experience better, and a lady who is pleased with the way her clothes look will come into the store even after she has ordered things online. She will want to see and touch the clothes in the store, and they may try them on before they buy. This is a simple way to shop, and women may buy using their Fabletics account, check what they have purchased or place special orders in the store just as they would online after taking the lifestyle quiz.


#4: The Clothes Are Flattering


Fabletics was made to help flatter every woman. Kate Hudson is a movie star who knows her body, but she realizes that many women need more help with their clothing. The clothing that is offered through Fabletics will fit women better because of the way it is cut, and the clothes will feel better because they a re designed to be as comfortable as possible.


Kate Hudson started Fabletics as a way to help busy moms who are having a hard time getting out of the house every day, and she has continued to do lovely work to help women find clothing that is colorful and stylish. She knows that every woman who shops with the company is counting on her, and the style is far greater than any other in the athleisure movement.

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