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Whitney Wolfe: The Queen Bee of Bumble

In today’s tech-savvy world, dating apps are nothing new and they all seem to have to same concepts and features. Whitney Wolfe, however, has taken mobile-dating to an entirely different level with Bumble: the unique dating app that puts the power to swipe right in the hands of the women, empowering them to make the first move without looking desperate. Another creative and much-needed feature is a platonic version of the app called Bumble BFF where people can search for friends without the risk of creepy pick-up lines. Whitney Wolfe’s innovations don’t stop there, as the app is going to have a physical space tied to it. For just one month in New York City, Bumble is opening a pop-up location called the Hive where fans of the app can meet up, have a drink, and just chill out. Anyone can stop by for a date, to meet friends, the special fashion events that will be hosted for relationships, entrepreneurship, and mentoring.

The CEO impressive app, Whitney Wolfe, was born in Utah to parents that encouraged her to understand the world around her. With that understanding came the knowledge that some people needed help – and she was going to give it. After learning about the BP oil spill in 2010, she started selling bamboo tote bags to help out, and the business gained so much popularity, it even reached celebrities. Whitney Wolfe’s name was slowly getting bigger. She also traveled to Southeast Asia volunteer with orphanages. Wolfe took her passion to change he world and dived into technology.

She soon moved to L.A. and joined Hatch Labs, where Whitney Wolfe became a name associated with the launch of Tinder. After a controversial fallout in which Wolfe was the victim of sexual harassment by another co-founder, Wolfe left and created Bumble. She wanted to create a female-centered app to counter the sexism women always experience using other dating apps like Tinder.

The demand for a feminist dating app was evident: after just two years, the app had millions of users and is now the fourth top dating app.

Jim Tananbaum: Helping Entrepreneurs in the Healthcare Sector to Realize Their Potential

Jim Tananbaum, founding principal and CEO of Foresite Capital, was interviewed by Ideamensch on May 3rd this year. He described his current lifestyle as well as his past life. Some of the things he touched on include his journey as a healthcare entrepreneur, the motivation behind the establishment of Foresite, his business strategies, and entrepreneurial life in general.

The Journey to Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum spent his first 25 years of professional life in the healthcare sector, partly as an investment strategist and partly as an entrepreneur. During this time, he accrued a wealth of experience and made several important connections within the healthcare sector. This exposure was a good stepping stone, even to his eventual founding of Foresite Capital. He told Ideamensch that he saw a missing link in the healthcare sector – most potential entrepreneurs lacked the much-needed capital and information to succeed in the industry. Jim said that Foresite Capital came and closed the gap by conducting in-depth research and relaying its findings to probable entrepreneurs so as to enable them to invest from an informed position. By so doing, Jim expressed his satisfaction that his company has helped a sizable number of entrepreneurs to succeed. The company has also gone ahead and made investments in not less than 77 healthcare firms.

Jim’s Routine

In an article on Biz Journals, about his daily routine, Jim told Ideamensch that his life revolves around his workplace, friends, and his home. As busy as his day could be, he must set aside some time in the evening to sit and catch-up with family. For Jim, family comes first, and then friends and business follows.

Jim also commented on how he incubates business ideas. He pointed out that the best of ideas is one that leaders in the industry have discussed. According to INC42, this, added to capital, grows an idea from being just a thought into something practical.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a man with an unparalleled contribution to the healthcare sector. Since he joined the industry, he has taken part in the establishment of several reputable healthcare companies. They include Theravance, Inc., GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, among others.

Jim holds four degrees from three different institutions: two from Harvard University- an M.D and an M.B.A, an Engineering degree from Yale, and an M.S. from the venerated Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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