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Trabuco A Breakthrough Medieval Siege Weapon

When we think of the Medieval Times, the first thing that comes to most minds are the beautiful structures that were built. Some castles, cathedrals, and government buildings still stand today. But why are some castles in ruin? How did these structures of thick stone collapse? To most surprise, the answer does not resemble anything close to modern weaponry. The blame can be mostly pointed at the Trabuco, a type of medieval catapult that terrorized long-forgotten kingdoms.

According to, the crusades were a bloody time and as defenses got stronger so did the weapons made to take them down. Walls of stone were becoming unbreachable as they grew thicker and taller. To get into the walls of a castle, many men had to sacrifice themselves to climb the walls before any troops could make it into the castle. Susceptible to arrows and fire too many of the men needed to siege parished. How could anyone get into a structure so fortified? Finally, the Trabuco was invented. The Trabuco was born from principles of a sling, where energy can be conserved to fire a projectile. Later the Chinese invented a traction bolt which conserved more mechanical energy through the pulling of two strings.


With the idea of the lever and this method of storing mechanical energy, weapon makers could now hurdle stones that could break stone walls. Sometimes stone was not the only projectile, stories of human remains being hurdled are humanities first signs of using biological weapons. This breakthrough in weapon technology caught on as successful military campaigns heavily relied on the Trabuco.

Over time, the Trabuco lost its popularity when gunpowder came about. Cannons became the primary weapon to attack any fortified structure and the Trabuco was an abandoned idea. But remnants of these terrifying weapons impact can be found and attributed to the ruin castles that are scattered across Eurasia.

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Equity First Holdings Issues Stock-based loans to Mitigate the Effects of the Harsh Economic Era

During a harsh economic environment, the market fluctuation is always inevitable. However, this does not mean that stock-based loans will be limited to issuance. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has never gone low in the issuance of the fast working capital during the harsh economic era. Equities First Holdings has a specialization in the issuance of fast working money. The company also offers global financial services firms, financing solutions to businesses and startups, and the rich individuals seeking working capital. For the stock-based loans, they are also characterized by the non-purpose feature. While the low interest rates characterize them, you might have realized that you can walk away from the loan without making any further dealings of returning the money. In his case, your collateral will be freeze to take care of the investment. However, you can also pay the loan in time and secure the fast working capital.

When the company realized the outside world had an eager mind to adopt the use of stocks to secure fast working capital, they intended to open offices in other parts of the world. Because they have worked with honesty in this business, they have secured a market adoption on a massive scale. For this reason, they reported this past year of their growth on a double digit. For this reason, the company is now worth more than $40 million. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, it also has a presence in all the continents of the world in offices including Perth, Sydney, Singapore, London, South Africa, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. For the company, nothing gives them more happiness that offering solutions through the use of stock-based loans in a manner that is not unprecedented in the capital.

In 2002, the company was founded to become the leading provider of working capital in the world. For this reason, they have kept up to their word and maintained their intention to the later.Equities First Holdings has turned to be one of the best options in the world of finance and loans. Al Christy is the Founder and President of Equities First Holdings. According to him, many people confuse the difference between the margin and stock-based loans, as a matter of fact, the stock-based loans are better than margin loans. For margin loans, you must have the intention of the loan stated for qualification purposes. However, this is not the case with the stock-based loans.

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Agora Financial Provides Great Insight for Investors

Agora Financial is a company that is helping investors make sense of the financial world. When it comes to investing there are a lot of things that investors have to consider. They must look at the total sum of their investments and decide how they can diversify their income between different investment possibilities. Agora Financial is exactly what investors need because it gives them a breakdown of market trends and the companies that are going to be worth looking into. This is always the missing link for most investors that are trying to establish some type of investment portfolio.

People may have a basic knowledge of how investing works, but they may not have a true knowledge of when they need to invest in certain companies and what the market looks like for certain industries. This always changes from time to time, and investors have to get a better perspective on what they can do to maximize their returns on investment.

Sometimes it all just comes down to the financial information that people have access to. People that have access to good financial information are going to be able to reap good returns. Those people that do not have access to get financial information are not going to see the same great returns. This is the way that things go in the investment world, and investors that learn this sooner are going to have a much better chance of maximizing the returns that they have.

Agora Financial is a company with publications that people subscribe to. When they subscribe they get access to an assortment of different publications that provide some tips on what investors can do to improve their standing in the market. Ultimately, a portfolio is only as good as the investors that are making the investment decisions.


Securus Technologies Catching a Suspect in the Act

When my crime scene investigating team is looking for evidence, we will go anywhere need be to make sure the guilty party is held accountable. This week my team got notification that there was a couple who were robbing summer homes while families were back home for the winter season. This couple would break into the house, rob the house, stay at the house for days, then move on.


The trouble with locating this couple was they had no ties in the area, and they kept moving after they took everything that wasn’t nailed down. Unless we caught them in the act, it was going to be a challenge to find them. The couple seemed to stay in one area a few months and then be gone, and we knew they were just about getting close to making a move out of the area.


Without solid leads, we wound up at the local prison looking to see if perhaps the inmates could help us go in a new direction, but that effort was hopeless. These inmates would never help authorities and risk being labeled a snitch. Securus Technologies put the inmate call monitoring system in this jail, allowing officers to listen to inmates use the phones.


One officer informed us that the LBS software had detected a conversation about stolen goods, and it might be something we could utilize. This system is in 2,600 jails and all 1,000 employees work each day to make this world a safer place, something we can relate to. The call was by an inmate who was buying stolen property, and her mentioned to his associate he had a couple with a tin of jewelry they wanted to sell.


We made it to that meeting and discovered it was in fact our couple selling stolen goods on their way out of the city. We caught them in time.


Impressionable facts about OSI Group

OSI Group started in a humble background as a butcher shop and a meat distribution market. The firm was owned by Otto Kolschowsky, and his sons helped him manage it afterward. OSI group has currently grown to be one of the most prestigious companies in both the United States and many other countries. It has launched a significant number of branches in a vast number of countries, and through its fresh meat supplies, OSI group has attracted many customers both globally and internationally. Besides, OSI Group has a great team of workers who focus on sustainability and provision of high-quality products to keep growing the firm.

On the other hand, the management team of the company has profoundly contributed to the growth of the company through the vast number of partnerships it has ventured with other prestigious companies across the globe. OSI Group`s collaboration with Pickstock in the United Kingdom is one of the major collaborations that the firm has ever engaged in because it gave OSI Group an excellent opportunity to expand its operations in many areas of Europe besides expanding the Pickstock company. Besides, OSI Group also partnered with Select Ready Foods in Edmonto, Canada, through which it gained a momentum in establishing more ventures in the country to supply meat products.

The large establishment of the company has employed many jobless individuals around the globe, and as a result, people have successfully established themselves besides improving their living standards. The various firms that OSI Group has acquired have also seen it increase its production to cater for the needs of its large number of customers. For more info about us: click here.

The company’s highly skilled team of employees have seen it move hand in hand with the changing market trends and through the use of the modern technology, it has provided rare commodities to its customers for a vast number of decades. Besides, the firm has maintained a significant number of its clients due to its reliable services and provision of high-quality products. OSI Group seeks to keep expanding its operations in a broad number of countries to ensure that a broad number of people benefit from their services.

Dr. Clay Siegall Discusses About the Start and Success of his Company

Dr. Clay Siegall has been in the battle against malignancy for over three decades and has, made various commitments to the way tumor patients are being dealt with through his examination and his organization – Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics was established by Dr. Clay Siegall in a joint effort with another therapeutic master in 1998. The organization is a biotech one. It is committed to the advancement of medications and innovation and treatment rehearses to supply oncologists with the methods important to spare the lives of their patients. Seattle Genetics comprises of around two thousand specialists and staff individuals who have been working towards a brighter future for the field of oncology and for medication all in all.

Dr. Clay Siegall earned a noteworthy in Zoology from The University of Maryland, and from that point forward, he sought after a PH. D. training in Genetics from the George Washington University. After Dr. Clay Siegall finished his examinations he proceeded onward to do restorative research at the regarded Bristol – Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He got an advancement a couple of years in the wake of joining, yet following a couple of more years at the Institute, Dr. Clay Siegall chose to proceed onward to the National Institute of Health where he did additionally explore on the many sorts of growth.

In 1998 Dr. Clay Siegall began Seattle Genetics and made awesome progress. He turned into the patent holder of more than twelve licenses. One of them is as of now circulated in more than a seventy nations around the world. The solution is called Adcetris, and it was endorsed by the FDA in 2011. There are a couple of more medications that have been affirmed also.

What made Dr. Clay Siegall concentrate his life on therapeutic research against malignancy was his dad who had fallen wiped out because of disease. The oncologists were weak against t in spite of the fact that chemotherapy had been begun. Because of the cruel medicines his dad had created iron deficiency and kicked the bucket. Dr. Clay Siegall chose by then that he would commit his life to giving oncologists the way to spare different patients.

Todd Lubar explains his journey as an entepreneur

Todd Lubar has run a successful career as an entrepreneur in the real estate sector. However, it was not all rosy from the start. Like most of the business we see today, he started small and grew with time. Facing and overcoming challenges as days went by. When Todd was starting his first business deal went wrong and was forced to go back to the drawing board and start afresh. However, disappointing this was, he did not give up, he woke up the next day and proceeded to work towards his goals. Through Facebook, he advises new entrepreneurs to be always ready for the challenging life of in the business world. When faced with problems, you don’t sit back and lament. The best solution is to always remain focused, find new approaches to dealing with what is taking you down. Always remain on the lookout for opportunities that present before you as you handle the challenges too.

Getting the first customer usually marks the beginning of many businesses we see today. It is that first customer who opens our eyes to the opportunities that are available. As is the case with Todd Lubar, most business people get their first clients from their former workstations. In a story by Patch, he met his first client when working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It is also at the same place that he learned what it takes to run a mortgaging firm. Todd’s tenure at the company laid the ground for what he does today. He was able to get business connections with customers, real estate agents, financial planners and insurance agents among other personnel in the industry. These are the people he would later turn to the day he went into his own private business.

Another factor that differentiates a successful business person from the rest is the strategy applied. For instance in the housing business that Todd is in, there are hundreds of firms that claim to offer housing options but in reality, very few are genuine or even have the know-how to run such a business. However smart or clueless the players in this business might be, the use of internet marketing has made the job of attracting customers easy. With a proper internet marketing campaign strategy and good credibility, you can always be assured of winning the customer’s confidence.

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