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How Dr. Mark Mofid Is Working To Change The American Perception Of Buttock Augmentation

Dr. Mark Mofid, MD FACS is a doctor located in La Jolla, California, His medical specialty is plastic surgery. The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has certified him and the American Board of Plastic Surgery has done likewise. His commitment to his patients is that he will do the highest-quality work in an understanding and caring way. He uses reconstructive and aesthetic procedures that are state-of-the-art in nature and brings to the table both technical and artistic skills. His goal is to create natural looking results that make his patients feel good about themselves.

At Harvard University Dr. Mark Mofid graduated magna cum laude when earning his bachelor’s degree. At the John Hopkins University School of Medicine he learned medicine. He graduated with an MD and received training in both plastic surgery and general surgery while attending this university. In addition to practicing at his own clinic, he also acts as a staff surgeon at three area hospitals.

Dr. Mark Mofid can perform many different types of plastic surgery. Among these are breast augmentation (whether the patient wants to go smaller or bigger), facial reconstruction, buttock augmentation, post-trauma facial surgery repair, and more. He is one of the foremost experts, in particular in buttock augmentation in the United States. He says that in order to achieve this he had to travel to Brazil where plastic surgeons perform this type of operation far more than American plastic surgeons do. In particular, he learned from one of the best in the business when he had Raul Gonzalez, MD, teach him everything he knew in Ribeirao Preto.

Buttock augmentation gets a bum rap in America, Dr. Mark Mofid says, because it’s not very well understood even by those in his profession. It’s rarely in the news for good reasons, pretty much only bad ones. He’s at the forefront of trying to change this perception as many women would otherwise be interested in this procedure if they knew the truth about it. In particular, many women want to return to the body they had before they gave birth and having their butt sag isn’t something they like. Buttock augmentation can of course help with that as he points out.


The Story Behind the Rise and Success of Rocket ship Education

Founded in 2006, by John Danner and Preston Smith, Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools. Currently, Rocketship Education has its headquarters located in Redwood City, California. The first school opened under Rocketship Education network was located in San Jose, California. This was back in 2007. The students there worked and studied hard and as a result, they scored very high marks in their frequent assessment tests. This made the organization receive recognition and praise from all over and expand greatly. In fact, within 5 years, Rocketship Education had opened 6 more charter schools in San Jose, California.

In January 2013, the organization’s leadership changed. Preston Smith became the Chief Executive Officer of the network following the exit of John Danner. Even so, Rocketship Education continued to grow and expand across the region. In August, the same year, the organization opened a new school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was the first school, Rocketship opened outside California. A year later, Rocketship expanded into Nashville, Tennessee. Rocketship did not just stop there, it stretched out its network into a 4th region, Washington D.C. It is also in the same year that, through a partnership with apple its K-5 schools started offering preschool teaching.

The schools under Rocketship Education network are truly unique. In most scenarios parents usually have no idea who is going to be teaching their children until their children are enrolled. At Rocketship education, that is not the case. There, parents actually take part in the hiring of teachers. At each and every school under the network, parents join job interviews or meet the finalists and assess them before landing the job. The parents like this particular set of arrangement since they say it gives them an insight of who is going to be working with their children. Parents also get to know the candidates’ personalities in order to come up with the most suitable person for the job.

All in all, the growth and success of Rocketship cannot be embedded solely on the management and the parents. So many people have played a role or two in ensuring the network runs efficiently. For instance, Andre Agassi, a former tennis player, through Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund has funded many of Rocketship’s chartered schools.

SahmAdrangi Experience And Career

SahmAdrangi is well known for exposing several different Chinese companies for fraud. These companies included China-Biotics, Lihua International and China Marine Food groups. This happened during 2010-2011. He also targeted the China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp which were then held to enforcement actions and had to change the way that they were doing business.

Early Years

SahmAdrangi started his career in the financial sector after graduating from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He went on to work for Deutsche Bank where he helped to perform both leveraged and high yield bank loans. He also worked in debt hedge fund management with Longacre Management..

The Kerrisdale Capital Management Company

Kerrisdale Capital is a investment management firm. This firm focuses on public securities and is located in New York. It was founded in 2009 by SahmAdrangi. He is the founder as well as the Chief Investment Officer. When he first launched the business, he did so with just under a million dollars. Today the firm currently manages over $150 million.

Adrangi is well known for publishing and short selling research. His research seeks to correct any misunderstanding about companies and their fundamental business practices. The company shares their research on Twitter, third party investing websites and their own website.

Kerrisdale shares research on many different industries and companies but over the past few years Adrangi has refocused the company into researching several specific sectors including the biotechnology sector. Companies like Unilife, Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics are included. Sectors such as mining are also popular with Adrangi.


In recent years, Mr. Adrangi has decided to take on more of an activist role in many of his investments. He has helped to optimize capital allocation policies as well as its cash deployment policies. In 2014, Adrangi led a proxy contest to replace the directors of ah hotel with members of his own team.

Conferences and Public Appearances

SahmAdrangi has been featured on interviews with Bloomberg and CNBC. Several major publications have featured him including BusinessWeek and many other popular publications. He has also been a speaker at many different conferences and symposiums and has been featured in several different learning videos around the web.

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