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Robert Ivy Is Honored By Being Presented With The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

As the CEO of the AIA or the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has been honored by the MIAL or the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the first time the Polk Award has been bestowed on an architect. The award is given to art patrons and artists connected to or living in Mississippi for performing, creating or supporting art throughout their life. This special honor encompasses a small list including Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson and Leontyne Price.

The President of the MIAL is Nancy LaForge. She stated Robert Ivy has made architecture much more accessible for Mississippi’s general public. She spoke of his work throughout the world as an architectural commentator, author and writer. She believes he has earned his place on the Noel Polk Award honorees list. Robert Ivy has been leading the AIA since 2011 as a practicing architect. As the President of the AIA Carl Elefante stated Robert Ivy is an asset to the profession. He congratulated him for his professional and personal achievement.


Prior to his service to the AIA, Robert Ivy worked for McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record as the Editor in Chief. Due to his leadership the Architectural Record received several awards including the General Excellence Award from the National Magazine. He was also responsible for the journal becoming the most widely disseminated in the world. Robert Ivy led the construction media and design for McGraw-Hill during China’s explosive growth. He was also responsible for the Architectural Record’s Mandarin version as well as the Middle East.

The Faye Jones authoritative biography was written by Robert Ivy and published in 2001. The biography has reached the third edition. The book is about the American architects work and his devotion to Frank Lloyd Wright. Fay Jones receives the highest standards of production, design and scholarship from the Art Library Society of North America. CEO Robert Ivy has left the footprint of the AIA all across the globe. The membership for the past 160 years has never been this high. The seven chapters of the AIA help architects practice throughout the globe including the newest chapters in Canada and China.

Robert Ivy has been honored for his communication of design value by Alpha Rho Chi. His Master architect designation is shared with Richard Buckminster Fuller, Mies van der Rohe and I.M. Pei. The University of Arkansas Fay honored him with the Dean’s Medal in 2017.

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Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital Issue Negative Report on Eastman Kodak Black

Sahm Adrangi is currently 33-year-old Chief Investment Officer of the company Kerrisdale Capital, which focuses on stock reports and general education of the public. He and his company are located are in the heart of New York City, where he operates and facilitates Kerrisdale Capital.

Sahm Adrangi graduated from the prestigious Yale University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He has held various executive positions in companies such as Longacre Fund Management, Restructuring Investment Banking Group, Deutsche Bank, and more.

Before becoming the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Adrnagi was a corporate analyst at the Longacre Fund Management company. In this company, Adrangi helped allocate over 1.2 billion dollars in investments and distributed it towards various clients. Some of his jobs included holding bank debts and managing equity fundings. In addition, he conducted various debt and equity related analysis.

Even before Longacre, Adrangi was helping companies such as Chanin Capital Partners with their bankruptcy problems, overcoming a Chapter 11 transformations. Before holding a position at Chanin, Adrangi was a worker at the Deutsche Bank, where he essentially helped structure bank debts and yield high-performance bonds. Adrangi’s education and resources at Yale proved to be especially helpful as he was able to transform a plethora of businesses.

More recently, Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital issued several negative reports on Eastman Kodak Company, an imaging, and video directed organization. The company announced that it would partner with another imaging company, and since then, Kodak’s stock price has risen by over 150%. Kerrisdale withholds that the company’s partnership is merely a sham attempt to cover its many flaws.

Sahm Adrangi also states that Kodak shareholders will not benefit because their shares will slowly drop and render the company useless eventually. The increase in the share price is only temporary and is a result of a minor “hype.” Moreover, it is known that KodakOne is filled with executives who have dubious history and backgrounds. In fact, these executive members granted themselves a limited amount of stock price before the unwarranted rise in the price.

Kerrisdale is holding a conference call to discuss the Eastman Kodak Company and its shares.

Rodrigo Terpins Keeps the Brazilian Rally Star Shining

He was born in Brazil in the mid-70s. It is interesting to note that even at that time when motor rallying was still in its early evolution stage, Rodrigo Terpins had a special interest in cars and rallying competitions. It is reported that he had a special place for cars as his playthings. He grew up to learn a lot about the motor vehicle engine and engineering. The 41-year-old Rodrigo is a brother to yet another rally maestro named Michel Terpins. Rodrigo Terpins is best known for his sterling performances in the prototype T1 Rally. He often drives with his brother helping out as his sailor. The two brothers are arguably some of the most decorated rally drivers Brazil has ever produced.



Rodrigo’s Achievements, Challenges, and Accolades



Rodrigo Terpins also takes part in the off-road Bull Sertoes Rally. His brother Michel also takes part in the rally. In fact, Rodrigo says that his brother is his mentor, particularly in the Bull Sertoes Rally, which is not meant for the inexperienced boys. It is a real muscle game that requires a combination of experience, skill, and stamina. Rodrigo Terpins drove in the Rally along with Fabricio Manchiana as his navigator. He finished in position 6 with a time record of 58 minutes. The more experienced elder brother and co-driver in the T1 Prototype Rally managed to clinch the 5th position in that competition. Michel drove with Sves Von Borries as a partner. It took Michel and Sven duo 56 minutes to complete the race.



Rodrigo’s Secrets to Success



Rodrigo Terpins is often interviewed by radio and TV stations because he has become a celebrity. In his consistent response, Rodrigo Terpins says that it is his focus and consistent hard work and patience that keep him going. Further, Rodrigo says that he keeps learning from his past experiences. He says that it is his past experiences that inform his current and future performance.



Rodrigo on Social Media



Rodrigo Terpins has 5 social media accounts. He uses his social media presence to connect with his fans and update them on the developments on the Racetrack. Rodrigo Terpins has five social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and Twitter.


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