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Roseann Bennett Is A Renowned Family Therapist And Counselor

Every year there are thousands of people going to therapists and getting counsel in order to overcome situations in their life, whether it is about marriage, family, or something else entirely. Roseann Bennet has been working with married couples and is a specialist therapist that works with people from all different walks of life. Depression is one of the most common issues for individuals and even couples which Roseann deals with a lot in her career. Luckily, Roseann is one of the best in her field and is astute when it comes to pondering her patient’s problems and diving to the root of the problems.


Depression comes in all different forms and is an issue that has many wires attached to it. Many times, it is left undiagnosed as well, which means it goes untreated allowing the issue to become worse and more rooted in the individual. This is why Roseann does what she does, having a passion for helping others and bringing calmness and clarity to people’s lives. Caring and compassionate, Roseann Bennett’s a highly acclaimed therapist throughout the country that has helped thousands of people over the course of her career.


Roseann Bennett earned her degrees and finished her academics in Psychology more than 20 years ago but has worked as a professional therapist at her center for assessment and therapy for around a decade. She is a very vocal therapist and actively speaks about her field and the study of mental health. Roseann is very open-minded and is not afraid to be open about her perspectives or feelings on therapy or to her clients. Read This Article to learn more.


Bennet Co-Founded The Center for Assessment and Treatment in New Jersey, and currently runs as the Executive Director as well. Bennett’s mantra is focused on compassion and progression and she is dedicated to helping all people move forward in life.


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Why 2012 Was An Important Year For Equities First Holdings

The year 2012 was an important year for the United Kingdom and Equities First Holdings (EFH). It was the first year EFH offered equity-loans and financial advice to the people of the United Kingdom. The new market proved to be the move as the London office generated over 700 customer transactions. The global corporation of EFH can celebrate 15 years in business, because they have done numbers and offered a reliable product to its customers. They have announced they have generated nearly $1 billion, and the majority of that revenue come from equity loans.

The financial advice offered by EFH is provided by professionals that They have a formal education In Finance. They are willing to listen to the financial goals of client in to communicate back to them a plan of action. They will execute. EFH will ensure there is 2-way communication, which is helpful for both parties.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a passion for plastic surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas who has been practicing for 20 years and has hospital affiliations with several hospitals in the area. He was born and raised in Minnesota and graduated from Michigan Medical School, a top 25 medical school in the country, in 1997. From there he graduated with honors and elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He completed his residency at the Michigan Medical center. After completing residency he then spent an extra year at the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital in 2006 obtaining sub-specialty training in aesthetic surgery. He is a bilingual Dr. speaking both English and Spanish. Among a variety of treatments and surgeries a few skills associated with Dr. Sam Jejurikar are birthmarks, burns, neck lifts, laser surgery, breasts implants, skin cancer, etc,. He is currently one of the doctors leading a charge in making safety a priority for plastic surgery in Dallas. He has spoken in numerous domestic and international meetings to increase awareness about grafting procedures where he says “It’s exhilarating to make a positive change in someone’s life, regardless of whether its through an act of kindness or through performing surgery. It makes you feel as though you’ve truly made the world a better place. When “Plastic Surgery truly is a blending of art and science. The science part is obvious. Without a thorough and complete knowledge of human anatomy, no plastic surgeon could do what he does. The artistry really comes out in attention to detail.” Dr. Jejurikar is exceptionally trained in all aspects of plastic surgery, both reconstructive and cosmetic. His desire is to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

Dr. Dov Rand Is Continually Educating Himself So He Can Be Of Better Use To His Patients

Dr. Dov Rand is the founder and acting President of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which is located in New Jersey. He works as a Rehab Doctor, Physical Medicine Specialist, and Physiatrist and received his medical training from the Albert Einstein Medical Center in N.Y. Dr. Dov Rand does not use any kind of treatment that has not been supported by science. At minimum, the treatments he employs must have been peer-reviewed. This is for his own peace of mind, but, more importantly, it is mainly for his patients whom he cares about deeply. This attitude has earned him quite the reputation with other doctors and patients, alike. (inspirery)


Dr. Dov Rand is currently putting together his own book, which will be titled “It’s not too late to live past 100.” He also spreads what he knows by attending conferences and other events. A lot of people like being around him because he is passionate about what he does and his positive energy and motivating words are contagious. He receives many different beaming testimonials year after year that attest to his dedication and hard work, and it is his hope that he can continue to treat as many patients as possible.


Dr. Dov Rand is Board certified in anti-aging medicine as well as functional and regenerative medicine. He was a consultant to Elite Health Care, which is based in China and has been certified by Millennium TBI network. His many years of experience have taught him that healing a person has to do with healing them entirely rather than seeing medicine as a band-aid solution that just deals with symptoms. At his clinic, patients can be put on weight loss programs that work and can benefit from Intravenous Vitamin Therapy that he is very experienced with.


Dr. Dov Rand took part in the Gaby-Wright Nutritional Medicine Conference in Seattle, Washington and received training from Dr. Rouzier, a well-known pioneer in the field of age-related management medicine. He also trained with Cenegenics and has traveled all over the United States to learn more about the field he works in. Anything he can do to help his patients live better lives is worth his time, and he has pledged to continue to expand upon his knowledge base and experience.


Stansberry Research Looks at the Japanese Market

Stansberry Research is a company that specializes in financial advice. They were founded in 1999 by Porter Stansberry. The goal is simply to provide their customers with the best information possible and share what they believe to be the best advice in the industry. They like to share unknown or undiscovered opportunities, due to the high success opportunities. Their readership has grown exponentially over the years. The website Daily Foex Report recently published an article about Stansberry Research and its research on Japan that it shared with readers.


The Japanese economy has had a long up and down history. It experienced rapid growth in the post-war era, but soon stagnated as the calendar turned into the 21st century. However, Stansberry Research is seeing new potential in Japan. Recent policy trends such as raising of inflation rates and lowering interest rates have seemed promising. The overall goal is to reach 2% growth. This has renewed hope in the market for Stansberry Research.


However, the market is a violate system. There has been signs that the recent upward tends may be about to level off. Haruhiko Kuroda, Bank of Japan Governor, has been telegraphing to the public how stimulus effort may be about to run out. Stansberry Research has learned that Japan doesn’t just want to reach 2%, but go completely past it. The goal won’t be reached in 2019, but they recommend investors hold their ground.


There are many kinds of finance research institutions in the market, but few are as personable and dedicated as Stansberry Research. One of their newsletter representatives, Steve Sjuggerud, put in a lot of effort into analyzing the current state of the Japanese market. There are always many players at play, but it is the mission of Stansberry Research to provide the most insightful and accurate information to its readers. They are definitely worth listening to, if you are someone interested in investing.


PUC Honors Marco Antonia Marques da Silva for His Outstanding work

PUC-Sao Paulo honors judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva by naming one of the new auditoriums in Perdizes Campus after him. Besides being a reputable judge, Marco is an outgoing professor of Criminal Law at Perdizes Campus. The honorary ceremony got held on 1st April. Dirceu de Mello, Perdizes Campus’ president, presided over the ceremony. In his speech, he recommended Marco for his big heart. He says that Marco has always been ready to help despite the situation. Dirceu de Mello acknowledged the honor to be appropriate for the judge. After all, the judge had contributed a lot to the building if the new auditorium.

Ricardo Sayeg, a lawyer, and professor at PUC extended his gratitude to Marco on behalf of the Law Department. Sayeg gave a brief history of Marco’s career. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in 1958 at Itapetininga. When he was fifteen years old, he had a passion for pursuing Law. In 1977, Marco enrolled to PUC and graduated in 1981. Additionally, he holds a specialty, masters, doctorate and teaching degrees acquired from Pontified Catholic University. Marco did his postdoctoral program at the Faculty of Law of Coimbra back in 2005. In 1982, Marco Antonio rose to be a professor at PUC. He got his tenure in 2003 and still teaches there to date. In 1983, Marco Antonio became part of State Judiciary where he worked in different counties. In 2002, Marco got promotion as an acting judge, and in 2007, he became earned himself the Court of Appeals judge position.

Sayeg spoke loud of Marco’s literary work as an author of forty articles and thirteen books. Sayeg acknowledges Marco Antonia Marques da Silva as an essential aspect of their Faculty of Law. He says that Marco’s loyalty, honesty, and Zeal in teaching has earned them remarkable reputation.

Marco Antonia gives an emotional speech thanking God, his family, and friends for complementing him in his venture. In his finish line, he says that he still holds the same enthusiasm he had when he joined college. Marco will continue advocating change to see equality to humankind. In honor of his commitment to the office, Marco Antonia Marques da Silva gets adorned with a plaque from the Cogeae-PUC’s Office. Many had availed themselves for the Ceremony.


Perry Mandera: Philanthropist, Transportation Company Founder, and Family Man

As a young man, Perry Mandera enlisted in the Marine Corps. In addition to firming up the values he grew up with, the Marine Corps was where he learned to drive large tractor-trailer trucks. Perry found he enjoyed trucking. After fulfilling his commitment to the Marines and being honorably discharged, he went to work in the transportation industry.


At 23 years of age, having worked for several trucking companies, and girded with the confidence of youth, he started his own trucking company in 1980. Five years later he sold the company, and a new interest captured his attention — politics.


Perry served as a party committeeman in Chicago, Il. for four years, but his fascination with the transportation industry endured, and in 1986 he founded The Custom Companies, Inc. Today, 32-years later, the company flourishes. Headquartered in Illinois, Custom Companies employs hundreds and recently passed the $200-million in revenue mark. Perry Mandera’s Custom Companies serves a broad array of customers, from local cartage for private parties to long-distance shipping for international companies, including services such as air-freight forwarding.


Perry Mandera’s performance in the shipping sector hasn’t escaped notice, and in 2000, the Illinois Transportation Association honored him as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium”. Perry has gone on to serve on the board of the ITA.


One thing remains a constant for Perry Mandera — his values. Terry takes his values seriously and consequently has practiced charity throughout his life. While Perry tends to focus most on charities involving youth and the organizations serving them, he has contributed liberally to cancer research and treatment.


As a man who seems to have a hard time saying no to the less fortunate, Custom Companies, Inc., has donated to victims of the 2013 hurricane disasters in Washington, Il. Perry also distributed 40 truckloads of goods to those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Some of those goods Perry bought himself, some were donated by good-hearted citizens. Perry and other like-minded folks created Custom Cares Charities, a registered 501c corporation. Custom Cares Charities particularly favor charities serving neglected or abused children and gives away thousands of dollars every holiday season to families in need.


Perry and Custom Companies enthusiastically support veterans and donate to veteran’s charities. Custom Companies, Inc., also actively seeks to hire vets.


Married since 1989, Perry enjoys all the time he can get with his wife and two kids. He’s an active supporter of their sports and school activities.


Jorge Moll: Soccer Fans’ Love For Teams Is Natural and Is Rooted in Brain Wiring

Science is a fluctuating, complex and even time-consuming endeavor and this is why not many can engage in it. It is also important to make a distinction here between science and scientism. Science is intellectual rigor and requires intense critical work, while scientism is what you read in magazines, and can be said to be science just for science’s sake. Real science is what people should concentrate on. Fortunately, real science is the focus today of Brazilian neuroscientist Jorge Moll.


One of the most famous articles that Jorge Moll helped publish is the article at Science Daily involving the results of a neuroimaging of soccer fans. The study done through the experts and researchers from D’Or Institute for Research and Education revealed impressive results.


The study answered, among many questions, the inquiry about why soccer fans feel strongly for the teams they support. It also answers why people feel good when they take part in activities that involve the groups that they belong to. Published also in Nature’s Scientific Reports, Jorge Moll’s work has shown that all of these feelings of affinity for a team or group is ingrained in our brains. It is revealed that it is already part of our humanity to be part of a group. This is because such participation increases our chances of survival, gives us pleasure, and gives us more chances of favorable consequences in natural selection.


About Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll is most known for his intelligence, dedication and passion for being the President of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), which is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is also the Senior Researcher in IDOR’s Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup. His distinctions include being the Affiliate Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.


Moll got his Neurology degree at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, and his PhD in Experimental Physiopathology at the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz da Universidade de São Paulo. His expertise in research has clearly grown into a body of work that’s been respected by fellow researchers studying human behaviour and emotional cognition.


Investment Advice From Christopher Linkas

Christopher Linkas has worked in investment ever since he first graduated college in 1991. After college, things were not sail so smoothly due to a loan crisis and a recession, but the young man was able to pave out a path for himself. Oddly, the recession actually helped the young man to better about investments and creating financial stability for himself. He found work at a consulting firm. He moved up to credit and investment work. He ended up running a New York based real estate investment company.


Working heavily in real estate investment, caused Christopher Linkas to come across a lot of commercial property deals. He eventually grew a liking to this type of work. He prefers commercial investments over traditional ones like the stock market. He liked commercial real estate investments because when investors placed their money into these type of investments along with stocks and bonds, the investor was better equipped for the fluctuating wave of the market.


Christopher Linkas has good advice for investors. He recommends commercial real estate investment for all investors to add to their portfolio. Although this type of investment is a bit safer, fluctuations cannot be entirely ruled out. He urges investors to understand that different types of properties fluctuate differently on the market. Some types of properties are in demand seasonally and some year-around. This timing of the year does factor in on the rising or lowering of value for an investment property. He urges investors to learn of the three types of risk: low, moderate and high.


Christopher Linkas’s experience has caused him to be a sought after investment advisor. Currently, he is heading the credit division of a corporation in Europe. His company holds several real estate properties due to his commercial investment leadership. He hopes to bring more new opportunities to the company on a global level.


More about Jeff Aronin and His Paragon Bioscience

Jeff Aronin serves as the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the Paragon Biosciences. With a wide experience and the deep knowledge that Jeff Aronin Possesses, it makes him one of the leading entrepreneurs in healthcare and biotechnology. By manipulation of his entrepreneurial energy and his expertise in his industry, he is working towards the foundation of a top investor and incubator of young startups biotech companies.


While still young in his career, Jeff Aronin knew that his passion was totally in the sector of health care. One day he got a chance to experience and witness a doctor treat a baby with constant seizure, and this resulted to making a deep impact on Aronin’s career decision.


Back in the year 2000, Jeff Aronin founded and became the Chief Executive Officer of Ovation Pharmaceutical Inc. At the Ovation Pharmaceutical the strategy mainly entailed comprehension of the needs of the patients, finding promising science and finally bringing a team together for the approving of the medicine. After Ovation Pharmaceutical Inc. had been operational for about nine years, it was bought by Lundbeck at 900 million dollars. After it was purchased, Jeff Aronin still served as the president and the Chief Executive Officer so as to oversee the new transition.


At paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin has been the CEO for the last ten years. His specialization in patient drug development and also in complex science has resulted to him becoming one of the most innovative and successful leaders in the field of bioscience. What Jeff basically does is try to address the requirements of patients with rare disorders, which are unmet.


Jeff Aronin being a scientific visionary person and an entrepreneur have largely attributed to the approval of more than 12 new technologies and medicines. Apart from the posts mentioned above, where he served in leadership positions, Jeff Aronin was also once a chairman in a number of several life companies such as Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Harmony Biosciences and the Paragon Pharmaceuticals.


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