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Sunday Riley Changes The Formula To Create a New Makeover For Her Cleanser

A makeover is not something that is saved for just a person or an individual. It is also something that a number of companies use to make an item better than the original. For Sunday Riley, the makeover they performed was on the Ceramic Skin Clay Cleanser. The old formula used a variety of essential oils which were eliminated in the new formula. The only oil that they carried over into the makeover is Neroli oil. This one essential oil is used to keep hydration in the skin.

Sunday Riley opted to perform a makeover on the formula to enable all skin types to be able to use the cleanser. There were originally 3 types of cleanser for the use of certain skin types and 2 additional cleansers to be used by individuals who have sensitive skin. With the formula change, there was a formula that was less likely to be needed against various skin types. By removing the essential oils from the compound, they were able to create a broader spectrum of cleanser.

The formula was not the only thing that received the makeover by Sunday Riley. The packaging of the cleanser was also changed. The product also became cheaper with the combination that was created. The old price for the cleanser was around 45 dollars per bottle whereas the new price is around $35 dollars.

If you are someone who was used to using the old formula, then you might have experienced unwanted side effects from the clay formula. Some people would experience severe redness from the formula and with the latest change, the formula is less likely to leave the skin feeling sore, irritated and even broke out. The added affect to the use of the clay formula is that the tube that it comes in now, is quite cool compared to the older version.

If you are someone who likes to try out something before they jump straight into the product, the Allure Magazine monthly box subscription is going to allow for you to sample the product before placing an order for the item. The new boxes were created with the new formula inside which let users get to sample something prior to shopping for the actual item. Once people knew that the product was going to be inside of the Allure box, they immediately went on to run to their mailboxes to check for their new subscription.

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