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9 Living Room Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

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Your living room will likely be the most dynamic and filled space in your home as household events and gatherings usually start or spillover to this social space. It’s a room where people are invited to feel comfortable and at ease, so its design and furniture pieces play a very important role.

If you’re thinking of revamping your living room, here are a few inspiring ideas to get you started:

Feature Wainscoting

IMG 1The idea of installing panels on walls have been around for the longest time, but this living room wainscoting is just naturally different. Featuring interlocking leaf patterns in brown shades, it conveys both a sense of warmth and the outdoors all at once. Since it’s applied to only one section of wall, it’ll provide a different focus point that’s sure to please.

Colour Impression

It’s pretty unusual to see the colour red take centre-stage in your home, but this owner definitely hit the mark with just the right amount of it. Since the doors and windows are painted in this striking colour, the wall is purposely left in a neutral tone. With various tones of red scattered around the room (from the pillows and chairs to the lamp and carpet), the feeling presented is that of a cozy and intimate space that’s perfect for small gatherings. AlexMoulding offered so many wainscoting patterns that can be used for any home renovation.

Picture Perfect View

When you have an amazing view right outside your window, it’s definitely a plus to install floor to ceiling portrait windows. Not only will you benefit from the natural sunlight during the daytime, you’ll also get to enjoy magnificent backdrop views. Consider straight down curtains to highlight vertical edges and minimalist furnishings to complete the look.

Elevate Your Space

IMG 2You’ve heard of sunken spaces for living rooms, but it’s not often you come across a raised space for the seating area. If your home is built flat, this concept will provide a divider without wasting any precious space. This also creates the illusion of an inner sunken area for your coffee table and adds a sense of depth to gatherings and meetings.

Double the Volume

If you’ve got the room to play with up there, go for it. Rather than leaving the entire ceiling space unadorned, consider lowering the edges and installing drop lights. Not only does this emphasise the extra volume in the centre of your living room, it’ll also give you the chance to enclose a magnificent set of lights that’s sure to draw everyone’s attention.

Emphasise the Natural

Tempered glass does have its uses, especially when you’re surrounded by such natural beauty. Install minimal window dividers for a panoramic feel and consider wooden flooring and beams to complete the look. Since other natural elements like fire, water and stone are a good compliment, you can also play around with such options in your living area.

Glass House Splendour

IMG 3If the thought of having your living room in a glass house is ridiculous, this ought to change your mind. Not only will you benefit from an abundance of sunlight, you’ll also get to enjoy the stars at night without going outdoors. Since you’ll be surrounded by nature from all sides, you’ll probably want to keep your furniture pieces simple and classic with the main aim of comfort.

Complimentary Patterns

You can never have too many patterns in a single space. The one rule of thumb is that they’re not individually fighting for attention but instead come together for a cohesive whole. This here is a perfect example of blue and white patterns that provide the room with a depth of just a single colour.

Industrial Warmth

Fancy a loft-like living area with a modern twist? Red bricks are definitely common on the exterior of houses, but it’s less often seen on the inside. With the right selection of furniture pieces and materials, you’ll be able to transform any space into a slick setting that’s just perfect for events and meet ups.

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