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Achievements of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is trying very hard to bring balance both to the National Assembly and the Agricultural sector. He is now the deputy of National Assembly in the state of Guárico where formally he was the president of FEDECAMARARAS. He offered quality services in both areas in the public service though they were different but also complimentary and this increased his popularity. He is a highly respected businessman and is now moving on to politics.

His Views on Politics

Having being in the Agricultural sector before, Jose is very concerned about precarious situation affecting Guárico agriculture. Due to lack of foreign exchange means, farmers in this area stopped producing high tons of rice since they were unable to predict the future. It is very important for farmers to be guaranteed that the crops they produce will have a passage for foreign exchange. Manuel predicted that there will be shortages of food in the country if the matter concerning foreign exchange was not looked at by the Assembly. The Assembly could not offer any solutions to the farmers and hence no one was there to listen to their concerns.

Since Jose Manuel Gonzalez has been frustrated by the National Assembly, he still thinks that the experience he has had is invaluable. He is a full-time deputy and spends most of his time interacting with communities and attending meetings. With this, he has developed a close relationship with them and earned their respect too which he feels good about. He hopes to improve the national interest which he has convinced the public about. Manuel believes that politics is the major cause to the fall of any country and he therefore refuses to have the politician course.


Jose Gonzalez states that having a national agreement is the best way to ensure that the country will feel good about it and also take into consideration all the responsibilities owned to the future generations. He also feels that the best party to launch this agreement should be the government by ensuring there is proper governance in the country. Economic growth and peace should be the main concerns during the launch.

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