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NGP VAN Helps Democratic Campaigns

NGP VAN is a technology company that provides progressive and democratic campaigns in the US. It is mainly based in Washington, District of Columbia. The company was founded in 1997 by Stu Trevelyan. It has a total of 101-250 employees. It offers clients with a platform for compliance, organizing, field, social networking, and fundraising. It has run thousands of campaigns on behalf of clients including labor unions, Democratic campaigns, national Democratic committees, non-partisan and progressive PACs. Its commitment is to ensure a win for their clients through the use of new technology.

The whole process of political organizing has moved from intensive campaigns into technology-related efforts. Big data is now used to connect voters and campaigns. This model has for some time allowed Democrats to identify their voter base. It enables the organizers to come up with the right mechanisms to make their voters turn up on the Election Day. An excellent example of the use of social media, big data, and technology in elections was in the re-election of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. NGP VAN powered these campaigns.


Technology is changing almost daily. It is, therefore, essential for campaigns to put this into consideration. Campaigners should always embrace the use of web platforms, Smartphone based applications and other technologies to manage voter mobilization. The time when only TVs and Radios were relied upon as the only campaign tools are now over. More than ever, a lot of research and popularity through new technologies is being embraced for automatic wins.


Internet and web-based tools for political campaigns and voters have brought the need for computer programmers in campaigns. NGP VAN has, therefore, come up with a complete solution to help Democrats maintain an edge in technology in political campaigns. As demonstrated in the 2008 and 2012 elections, Democrats have an advantage with embracing a technology-driven model during campaigns. NGP VAN has sought to work with web start-ups to manage better advocacy at the grassroots. The company recognizes the need to continuously innovate to serve progressives and Democrats with digital campaigns better. It has rolled out Act Blue Integration to facilitate access to contribution data by campaigns.

Whitney Wolfe Strives To Build A World In Positivity And Affirmations

In this world, some of the most used buzzwords are positivity and affirmations. One of the reasons behind this is that people want to hear good things. They want to hear good things about themselves, their lives, and this world. However, the truth is that this world is surrounded by negativity. Even in the politically correct world of acceptance and rights, it is important for people to fight for their own positivity. However, with social media and the apparent need to attack others, it can be very hard to maintain a positive outlook which is why Whitney Wolfe has decided to create a platform for women when it comes to this.

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Whitney Wolfe has started Bumble as a way to increase the confidence of women and get them to approach men. However, she knew that this was not her intention. After releasing the dating app, she has worked on an extension that was a lot closer to her original intention. When Whitney Wolfe released it, she gave it the name Bumble BFF. This was a social network for women to connect with one another and give each other the support they need so that they can continue to move forward with their lives.

With BFF, this gives women the chance to meet with one another and continue to give each other support. At the same time, she works very hard at providing a welcoming environment for women who are involved in this network. One thing that is admirable about Whitney Wolfe is that she is always looking for new opportunities to empower women. After she released Bumble Bff for women, she has thought about the struggles women face in the workforce. This has inspired the most recent extension, Bumble BIZZ enabled women to reach out to one another for business opportunities.

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Hussain Sajwani- The Clever Investor

In the early fifties, a man was born whom no one ever thought would come to change the property development industry in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Economics and industrial management. He was among the lucky ones who were able to secure a governmental scholarship to study abroad. Hussain’s farther imported watches, pens, and other products which he sold them in Dubai.

Hussain commenced his first job at Abu Dhabi Oil Company where he worked in the finance department. He worked for two years here then later decided to own his own business. He started a catering business in the Middle East. He targeted markets such as the US Military, Bechtel and the hotels among others. This business was promising for him as he as assured of ready customers. His experience in this industry gave him no chance to mess in any way. Hussain ensured he satisfied his customers’ needs knowing that they owe the company much.

He made strides in business when he decided to invest in properties development. He didn’t stop his catering business which is still operational until now with the name Global Logistics Company. The idea of investing in property development hit Hussain’s’ mind at a time when foreigners were permitted to own properties in the Middle East region. With the presence of customers, Hussain primary task was now to only delivering services to them. DAMAC Group ensured construction of prestigious apartments and hotels that would be appealing to their customers.

DAMAC Group is among the pioneers of the Dubai Market Property. It has received recognition by Forbes as the fastest growing global company. DAMAC has made achievements that have increased its popularity worldwide. These include the construction of a golf course in Dubai designed by Tiger Woods and luxurious villas styled by Bugatti among others.

For Hussain, business has always been running smoothly as he knew well the right time of when to put what into the market. He has been involved into business relation with prominent people such as Donald Trump who also has plans of enhancing their business at large.

With all these that Hussain Sajwani has achieved, he has always been remembering the society through giving back. His participation in the charity for needy children where he contributed AED 2milion in 2017 proves it all.

The Success of Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Group

Young entrepreneurs should always look up to the iconic business people that have made it in the world of business. This is one of the ways that the young entrepreneurs can achieve their dreams. Through learning from the best, the can emulate and become the more significant people in the community. One of the people that young entrepreneurs can look up to is Hussain Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani is one of the entrepreneurs that has made it to the top in the entrepreneurial world. He started from humble beginnings. After completing his bachelor’s degree in the University of Washington, he moved towards employment where he was in the finance department in the gas industry.

He later decided to practice entrepreneurial skills. Hussain started a catering venture. He was able to get customers that included the U.S military and Bechtel. The investment has been successful and is still operating under the name Global Logistics Services. It is currently serving more than 150000 meals in a day.

In the year 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. This firm has been documented as one of the largest real estate development companies in the Middle East region. This comes up as a result of the company developing more than nineteen thousand apartments since its establishment. In addition to this, DAMAC Properties has over forty-four thousand still under development.

The DAMAC owner has been able to partner with other organizations such as the Trump Organization. Donald Trump, US president, and Hussain Sajwani have had several meetings before. The business meetings are aimed at making joint investments. In the year 2013, the two teamed up to develop a golf course. The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropic person through the activities that he has shown. He wrote a cheque worth AED two million. This was to finance disadvantaged children around the globe. This amount can fund the more than fifty thousand children in an initiative that he launched. Also, the DAMAC owner has been donating to various charitable organizations.

The DAMAC owner has scooped several awards in his career. He was number one in the 2017’s CEO Top awards.

AvaTrade Review: The Brokerage Company Taking Over The Digital Finance Industry

AvaTrade is a company that has managed to stand tall in the digital finance industry for being a distinguished member of the Forex Trading industry. The company first started its operations in 2006 and since then has transformed into a company that has gained an incredibly positive reputation for themselves. The company offers its services to an incredibly broad audience all over the world and is operational in Australia, the UK, Japan, and Ireland. Because of the dedicated service that they provide, AvaTrade has risen to being one of the more well-known brokerage companies in the entire world.

AvaTrade has always tried to ensure that the services that they provide their patients with are up to the mark and in keeping with the high standards that people have. The company knows that the world of online trading can be risky if the proper precautions are not taken, and if the right regulations are not enforced. AvaTrade knows how important the services that they provide are to people, and how they can be exploited, which is why the company takes a significant amount of care to ensure that all of the right regulations are enforced, not just on them, but on the customers who are making use of the services that they provide.

AvaTrade is currently being regulated by some of the top financial regulatory agencies in the entire world. Because of the broad reach that the company has, the regulatory authorities that they adhere to also differ from place to place. The company is currently being regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for its operations in Europe, the ASIC for Australia, the FSA in Japan and the FBS in South Africa.

One of the reasons why AvaTrade has emerged to be such a notable name in the digital finance industry is because of the variety of platforms that they offer. The company offers some platforms across a range of devices so that customers can have access to their services, no matter what kind of phone, computer or tablet they use.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Latest OSI Group Plant Opening

Sheldon Lavin has been leading the opening of new meat processing plants for years, and even today he is still making new proposals happen at OSI Group. The latest plant he helped open was a large one located at GenOSI in the Philippines which replaced an older one that had been there since 1990. This new plant puts out over 25,000 metric tons of meat and has upgraded much of its processing infrastructure. The CEO of GenOSI, Fred Uytengsu was delighted at the speed at which the plant was finished and thanked Lavin for the funding and support he provided. Lavin also remarked that this new plant would greatly strengthen OSI’s presence in the region.

Sheldon Lavin’s most important work has been taking a company from small operations to international sales, and he knew the company before it was renamed to OSI Group. It was previously named Otto & Sons as a family name to Otto Kolschowsky who founded the company as a meat supply store and whose sons had now taken over. They were in need of financial assistance because they were now partners with McDonald’s and it meant opening big plants so the bulk meat orders could be met.

Sheldon Lavin was the perfect person to help Otto & Sons get a loan because he had a background as a funds manager at an investment bank. He was now running a consultant business and knew how to win over loan officers to get the loan. He even was asked by the bank if he would consider getting an ownership stake in Otto & Sons which at that time he said he wouldn’t. But he did promise to come to the company to do more financial work and help it grow with McDonald’s.

Sheldon Lavin helped raise more funds to open plants in Iowa, Wisconsin, California and then over in Germany. By the 1980s Otto & Sons had become renamed to OSI Group. The company continued growing and Lavin then accepted the offer to buy the ownership stakes because he was told he could follow his own vision to grow the company. And that’s just what he did bringing it into 17 countries and now owning 55 plants. Lavin also is a philanthropist who serves as president of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Global Vision Academy honored Sheldon Lavin for his leadership and charity with their Global Visionary award.

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Alex Pall Speaks On The Chainsmokers’ Evolution

The Chainsmokers’ music is relatively popular among many music fans who may probably find it difficult to identify them a couple of years back. Just last year, the EDM-pop duo was nominated for 3 Grammys, thanks to their hit song, “Closer” – their first No. 1 single on the chart.

Since 2012, Alex Pall has been focused on becoming a professional DJ while working in New York. But the Chainsmokers came to being when Adam Alpert, their now-manager, finally got the opportunity to introduce Pall to Taggart at an art gallery. Taggart, who had just completed his music program at Syracuse, was at the time, aspiring to become a professional producer.

Alex Pall told Interview Magazine that his main focus, as an upcoming DJ, was to organize shows while putting aside every other work. Despite being a challenging venture, he was obviously driven by a real passion to make his dreams come true. But he just has to create quality time and effort to give it the proper shot. Pall stated that he had to quit his job shortly after meeting Drew, as they just had to start working immediately.

Interestingly, both artists (Alex and Andrew) had similar ideas of what they wanted to create. This did not only help to facilitate the newly found relationship but it also gingered them to achieve the same common purpose. While they had to work together on the same music genre, they decided to come up with something relatively unique. They just don’t want to make straight-up dance music anymore.

To achieve this, they simply had to listen to everything before setting out to create what they think is intrinsically unique to their own style of music. Pall said they were just trying to instill identity into their own style of play. Obviously, there was no need to hide behind the curtains as it will involve lots of hard work and constant development.

Two years later, they appeared on the scene with “Selfie” but it wasn’t until 2016 that they made a remarkable impact on the Billboards. Now they’ve managed to establish a huge global collection of music fans but Alex Pall believes that they’re still on a “constant journey of self-discovery together.”

Mike Baur Enjoys A Night At Swiss Brewery And Leads Beer Hack Event

A night of fun and playing around with business ideas and app programming took place at Feldschlösschen, a Swiss brewery located in Zurich. There was plenty of beer to go around and the people at this event were even given a tour of the brewery, but the objective was to see new ideas put to the test in the marketing, sale and distribution of beer. Most of the individuals at this event came from the Swiss Startup Factory, a for-profit organization aimed at forming entrepreneur ideas into companies within a very short time. Baur and other business coaches were happy to see how the young programmers and marketing specialists came up with unique proposals for beer sales. One company seems to be already forming, an app known as “U-Beer” which allows users to order beer from nearly anywhere and have it brought quickly. The ideas that have come from the beer hack will be brought to integration at the SSUF.


In Switzerland, being a part of big banks has as much of a cultural prominence as being a Wall Street executive in the US. It had an allure for Mike Baur who was introduced to the occupation as a 16-year old intern and performed quite well at his position. But after 24 years as an advisor and later commercial division manager at UBS and Clariden Leu, Baur decided it was time to leave. Switzerland’s banks had started coming under scrutiny for being looked at as harboring tax evaders, and for Baur his days were being spent too much in the office when he felt there was much more out there.


Going into startup funding and beginning an accelerator was very new territory for Mike Baur, and he certainly took a substantial pay cut to do it. But he consulted with several other former bankers and business professors at various colleges, and he figured out how he could make the accelerator work. Most of the entrepreneurs he targets for admittance to the SSUF are programmers and developers because IT startups and disruptive internet of things companies comprise much of Switzerland’s industry. But any idea that can be pitched successfully to investors will usually get the attention of Baur and his colleagues. The accelerator runs a 3-month program which not only has coaches and mentors working with the attendees, but also has outdoor activities and unique contests aimed at strengthening ideas and inspiring more teamwork among them.


Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘The Mexican.’

Lawrence Bender is an American movie producer. He was born on October 17, 1957, in Bronx New York City. He was born to two parents. His father was a college professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. While Lawrence Bender was growing, he wished to be like his grandfather. His grandpa was his biggest inspiration. Lawrence Bender attended Chery Hill High School East. He later joined The University of Maine where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. His grandfather had also pursued a career in chemical engineering. After graduating, Lawrence Bender did not practice chemical engineering. He instead decided to become a dancer. He danced for some years before he incurred a serious injury that made him quit.

Today Lawrence is a celebrated entertainer. He has produced several movies that are aired on our televisions. Some of those movies include Kill Bill volume 1 and 2, Safe, Pulp Fiction, and Knock around guys among others. Lawrence Bender has received several awards for his great works. These awards include academy awards for the best picture, golden globe award, Independent spirit award among others. He has also been nominated for other awards for over 29 times. With much experience in the field of entertainment, Lawrence Bender was the lead producer of the movie ‘The Mexican’. The movie’s setup involves a priceless handgun given the title ‘the Mexican’. This handgun is desired by Margolese Gene Hackman.

Margolese is imprisoned because of some complicated issues. Jerry was somehow responsible, and for long he has been trying to work off his debt to stay alive. Since Jerry is indebted to Margolese, he is given two demands. Margolese requires him to travel to Mexico to get him the priceless handgun called ‘the Mexican’ or else; he will dance to Margolese music. The other ultimatum comes from his girlfriend Samantha who asks him to terminate connections with the mob. Jerry weighs options and decides it’s better to remain alive and at the same time stay at logger’s heads with Samantha.

He crosses the border to the South. Getting the pistol is easy but getting home is the hardest. The handgun is supposedly cursed by some ancient people. All this time, Jerry is confused on whether to carry the curse home. On the other side, his girlfriend is pressuring him to quit the gang.

Adam Milstein: Anti-Semitism Is Alive And Well Due To Some Unlikely Radical Alliances

Adam Milstein is a Jewish activist who regularly writes about different concerns among the Jewish community. For thousands of years, there has been continual Anti-Semitism for this ethnic group. It is not only still present, but it is also alive and well and it has taken a different form that is cause for alarm. As Adam Milstein writes, there is a new, disheartening, and disconcerting unholy alliance forming that, although they share a lot of differences, are vocalizing their shared hatred for Jewish thought and for Israel.

On paper, the radical Left and radical Islam would appear to not have very much in common. For example, radical Islam regularly executes gays, stones women, and has an intense hatred of feminism. Normally, those on the left would be appalled at this ideology. However, just like radical Islam, the radical left completely abhors any type of Western.

According to the radical left, Israel is a colonialist oppressor of Muslims. Both liberals and Muslims believe the Jewish race is the one responsible for all of the problems currently in the Middle East. Although these groups are proficient at paying the blame game, this belies the fact that radical Islam is currently the most violent religion on the face of the planet. Indeed, many radical leftist groups on U.S. universities today publish what is called a “disorientation” guide that seeks to disrupt any type of Jewish thought. What is most insidious about this will be the fact that many of these liberals claim they are not being Anti-Semitic simply because they have Jewish Heritage themselves.

What is equally disconcerting for Adam Milstein would probably have to be the fact that anti-Semitism is quickly entering the mainstream in the United States. Indeed, Bernie Sanders came extremely close to getting the Democratic nomination in 2016, and he campaigned for British politician Jeremy Corbyn, who who had a co-worker named Paul Eisen who keeps a blog about Holocaust denial. The fact that Muslims see this and continue to fan the flames and cause more vitriol and Anti-Semitism should be very disconcerting to not only Adam Milstein but to freedom-loving American conservatives as well.

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