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Kamil Idris and Intellectual Property Proficiency

Professor Kamil Idris was given the opportunity to work as WIPO’s (World Intellectual Property Organization) Director General yet again all the way back in 2003. Idris talks at length about the WIPO’s annual objectives. Some of the topics he talks about are intellectual property law establishment and an international patent system. He first worked as the group’s Director General back in 1997. World Intellectual Property Day is something that’s quickly gaining traction everywhere. It’s been in existence since the year 2000. It’s a day that revels in the innovation human beings bring to the table. It’s also one that showcases how intellectual property operates. World Intellectual Property Day strives to honor all types of artists and inventors regardless of their statuses on the planet. It’s a day that acknowledges that these kinds of people make life a lot better for everyone else. They enhance lives via their imaginative streaks. They have intellectual property rights that call for the esteem of others as well.


Professor Kamil Idris hails originally from Sudan, a Northeastern African country. He was born at the end of the summer back in 1954. He studied at Khartoum University in Khartoum in Sudan. This school has the distinction of being the nation’s biggest one. It’s also older than all of the rest. It’s been in operations since 1902. Idris has a Bachelor of Law degree from the admired Sudanese school. He also traveled to the Middle East to pursue his education. Idris studied at Egypt’s Cairo University. He secured Bachelor of Arts degrees there in diverse topics such as Economic Theories, Political Science and, last but not least, Philosophy. He even went all of the way to the United States to do some learning. Idris studied at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. This is where he focused on both International Affairs and International Law. That’s not even where his education ended.


Kamil Idris became part of the WIPO in the early eighties. He was part of the International Law Commission between the years of 1992 and 1996. The International Law Commission is a group that was set up by the United Nations General Assembly back in the forties. He went back to the International Law Commission for a year or so in 2000 as well. Idris exited it in 2001. Idris is a global civil servant who has a lot of knowledge that pertains to intellectual property.

NGP VAN Helps Democratic Campaigns

NGP VAN is a technology company that provides progressive and democratic campaigns in the US. It is mainly based in Washington, District of Columbia. The company was founded in 1997 by Stu Trevelyan. It has a total of 101-250 employees. It offers clients with a platform for compliance, organizing, field, social networking, and fundraising. It has run thousands of campaigns on behalf of clients including labor unions, Democratic campaigns, national Democratic committees, non-partisan and progressive PACs. Its commitment is to ensure a win for their clients through the use of new technology.

The whole process of political organizing has moved from intensive campaigns into technology-related efforts. Big data is now used to connect voters and campaigns. This model has for some time allowed Democrats to identify their voter base. It enables the organizers to come up with the right mechanisms to make their voters turn up on the Election Day. An excellent example of the use of social media, big data, and technology in elections was in the re-election of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. NGP VAN powered these campaigns.


Technology is changing almost daily. It is, therefore, essential for campaigns to put this into consideration. Campaigners should always embrace the use of web platforms, Smartphone based applications and other technologies to manage voter mobilization. The time when only TVs and Radios were relied upon as the only campaign tools are now over. More than ever, a lot of research and popularity through new technologies is being embraced for automatic wins.


Internet and web-based tools for political campaigns and voters have brought the need for computer programmers in campaigns. NGP VAN has, therefore, come up with a complete solution to help Democrats maintain an edge in technology in political campaigns. As demonstrated in the 2008 and 2012 elections, Democrats have an advantage with embracing a technology-driven model during campaigns. NGP VAN has sought to work with web start-ups to manage better advocacy at the grassroots. The company recognizes the need to continuously innovate to serve progressives and Democrats with digital campaigns better. It has rolled out Act Blue Integration to facilitate access to contribution data by campaigns.

This Is George Soros

When it comes to investors, they oftentimes remain in a one-dimensional setting. To expound further, investors oftentimes only think of themselves and their interests. Therefore, it remains a rarity for an investor to place their priorities behind the needs of society. Moreover, it remains a rarity for investors to donate billions of dollars to charitable causes. Therefore, these investors also fail to realize the bigger picture. Moreover, these investors do not receive the same critical acclaim and respect of George. With that being said, George Soros holds the distinction of being one of the wealthiest people in the world. Furthermore, Soros also remains a prominent investor and a voice for the less fortunate. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Therefore, George Soros has selflessly placed his money in the pockets of the impoverished. In addition, George Soros has Jewish ancestry. As a native of Budapest, Hungary, George Soros experienced the atrocities of Nazi Germany firsthand. Moreover, George Soros also attended the London School of Economics. This remains attributed to Nazi Germany taking over and desecrating Hungary and all of Eastern Europe. As George Soros attended the London School of Economics, he remained extremely popular among his colleagues. Due to his studious behavior, Soros earned both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in philosophy. Moreover, he opened his first hedge fund titled the Double Eagle. For those unaware, the Double Eagle became extremely popular.

Moreover, the Double Eagle opened doors for his second hedge fund one year later. Therefore, George Soros became an extremely wealthy man. In fact, he remains responsible for producing the world’s most successful hedge-fund. Moreover, George Soros remains known for his work ethic. Due to his unrelenting work ethic, George Soros managed to achieve a one billion dollar profit during the 1992 Black Wednesday currency crisis. This remains noteworthy due to the circumstances. Aside from his ability to generate profit, George Soros remains renowned for his activism and philanthropy. Due to his chaotic upbringing, George Soros understands the importance of giving back. Therefore, he has provided people and hungry with numerous educational and employment opportunities. Know more on about George Soros.

In addition, he stood by black South Africa during the apartheid era when blacks remain disenfranchised from attending school. Therefore, he funded the black South Africans to go to school. Time and time again, George Soros has remained outspoken about his support for the LGBTQ community and also the Democratic Party. When it comes to his ability of reasoning, George Soros remains unparalleled. In addition, he also used his resources to provide opportunities for African-Americans. In closing, George Soros brings joy to millions of people around the world. As he approaches the age o

At 90, he continues to remain as vivacious as he was during his youth.

Thor Halvorsen’s Angry, And Effective

New York-based non-profit Human Rights Foundation has just closed their “Davos for Dissidents” conference – the Oslo Freedom Accords. Their founder, and self-admitted driving egotist, Thor Halvorssen, has spent the show on theatrical matters, having Friederike Krum sing the aria made famous by the Shawshank Redemption after presentations by a group of dissidents with nearly a century of experience behind bars or in house arrest.

And he’s exhausted, exuberant, and angry. Halvorssen sees his mission in life as one of directing a spotlight, of shining the light of truth and public opinion into the darkest corners of state-sponsored human suffering. Unlike most of the “crisis set,” Thor Halvorssen exudes a boundless energy, rather than cynical world weariness. He doesn’t spare the knife when it comes to discussing his self-appointed peers, who go after the low hanging fruit of democratic governments, where the risk of being jailed or beaten is significantly less.

Halvorssen comes off as a man who’s consummately busy, running the Human Rights Foundation while also producing films and chairing the Moving Pictures Institute…in addition to globetrotting to conferences in Geneva, sharing drinks with survivors of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and coordinating staffers quick to identify new inflection points, and new cracks in the armor of secrecy surrounding the dictatorships that, next to sleep, seem to be his greatest foe. He’s constantly checking on something, be it his phones (he carries five) or his laptop (he has three), and his interests are all over the place. He’s currently excited about taking a classic Heinlein novel, “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” and adapting it into a movie with Bryan Singer in the director’s chair.

Halvorssen’s concerns about human rights come naturally to him; they’re something of a family tradition. His great grandfather, the Norwegian consul to Venezuala, turned Caracas into a safe harbor for Norwegian shipping when the Germans invaded Norway – down to pummeling Nazis when they objected. His father was charged with ending Venezuela’s drug trade, and suffered years of torture in prison for finding corruption and standing up to it. His mother was wounded by gunfire when protesting Hugo Chavez.

Halvorssen simply lives up to their example, and, with a director’s art, is using the only tool he knows works: Theatricality, and a willingness to direct the spotlight on the victims of repressive regimes the world over.

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Thor Halvorssen Makes Trouble For All Oppressive Governments

Thor Halvorssen has been making trouble for tyrants around the world for some time as he runs the Human Rights Foundation, and he is someone to be reckoned with when dealing with information. He likes to talk to the media to make sure they have all the stories that he wants to share, and he also makes sure that he is very current with the stories he shares. There is always something going on in the world that hurts people, and he makes sure that all human right violations are reported at least once.

Thor Halvorssen has a lot of offices around the world, and he wants to make sure that people are in place to help his cause. There are people around the world who can come to offices of the Human Rights Foundation for help, and the people who work in the offices are out in the public trying to help anyone who needs it. They help send out information to educate the public, and they do missions to help those who are most in need. there are human rights problems around the world that can be addressed with help Human Rights Foundation employees, and Thor Halvorssen tries to address as many of these problems as possible. He believes in helping anyone who is in need, and he wants to keep helping for as long as he ca.

The goal for Thor Halvorssen is to make sure that the public knows what is going on in the world. There are a lot of stories that go stale because people are not reporting them, and it makes sense for Thor Halvorssen to keep addressing the problems. Everyone who hears about these stories will have a better chance of being educated on the issues in the future, and they might even share that information with their friends. As mentioned in The Atlantic,Thor Halvorssen wants to make sure that there is not a single human right violation that goes unnoticed, and he even takes audiences with leaders who want to help. He will continue to attack every problem until he has rid the world of gross human rights violations.

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