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Dr. Dov Rand Is Continually Educating Himself So He Can Be Of Better Use To His Patients

Dr. Dov Rand is the founder and acting President of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which is located in New Jersey. He works as a Rehab Doctor, Physical Medicine Specialist, and Physiatrist and received his medical training from the Albert Einstein Medical Center in N.Y. Dr. Dov Rand does not use any kind of treatment that has not been supported by science. At minimum, the treatments he employs must have been peer-reviewed. This is for his own peace of mind, but, more importantly, it is mainly for his patients whom he cares about deeply. This attitude has earned him quite the reputation with other doctors and patients, alike. (inspirery)


Dr. Dov Rand is currently putting together his own book, which will be titled “It’s not too late to live past 100.” He also spreads what he knows by attending conferences and other events. A lot of people like being around him because he is passionate about what he does and his positive energy and motivating words are contagious. He receives many different beaming testimonials year after year that attest to his dedication and hard work, and it is his hope that he can continue to treat as many patients as possible.


Dr. Dov Rand is Board certified in anti-aging medicine as well as functional and regenerative medicine. He was a consultant to Elite Health Care, which is based in China and has been certified by Millennium TBI network. His many years of experience have taught him that healing a person has to do with healing them entirely rather than seeing medicine as a band-aid solution that just deals with symptoms. At his clinic, patients can be put on weight loss programs that work and can benefit from Intravenous Vitamin Therapy that he is very experienced with.


Dr. Dov Rand took part in the Gaby-Wright Nutritional Medicine Conference in Seattle, Washington and received training from Dr. Rouzier, a well-known pioneer in the field of age-related management medicine. He also trained with Cenegenics and has traveled all over the United States to learn more about the field he works in. Anything he can do to help his patients live better lives is worth his time, and he has pledged to continue to expand upon his knowledge base and experience.


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