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Convenient Affordable Talkspace Therapy

Talkspace therapy is the new affordable way to connect with a licensed psycho-therapist. Anyone can easily download the Talkspace app from an online store. This therapy app is one-hundred percent confidential. The app is free and the individual therapy is very affordable, when compared to traditional psycho-therapy. This is licensed therapydesigned for today’s world. Many people need the help of a therapist. However, seeing a traditional therapist is often expensive, time consuming and inconvenient.

Many corporations and individuals recognize the benefits of Talkspace therapy. This new app needs to be to part of every employee benefit package. Mental illness that is left untreated, cost employers over one-hundred-twenty billion dollars every year. Because of the high cost of therapy, many people fail to complete their therapy for conditions such as depression and anxiety. Left untreated, anxiety and depression can result in physical conditions that can cause an individual to miss work. By utilizing the Talkspace app, the therapy is affordable and convenient. Therefore, more patients complete their therapy, resulting in a happy, well-balanced, employee.

To get started with the Talkspace app, clients complete an initial assessment. During this process, the client’s therapy goals are discussed with their therapist. Then, the therapist creates an individualized treatment plan. There are many affordable plans at Talkspace; including a plan that provides weekly unlimited texting with a licensed therapist.

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