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Former Hawks ownership Files a Lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is experiencing hard times after the Atlanta Hawks basketball and Entertainment Company sued them. The Atlanta Hawks claims that the insurance firm breached a contract involving the reimbursement of claims presented by the ex-general manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson was one of the owners of the former Hawks ownership group (AHBE). Note that the lawsuit does not embroil the present Hawks ownership group supervised by Tony Ressler. The complaint against the insurance firm was filed in the Fulton County Superior Court on September 13. The charges were described as AIG, which meant that a civil action for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. The former Hawks ownership group says that an insurance cover was provided under a policy of coverage for some losses linked to employment practices such as some acts of wrongful cessation and workplace torts. As per the court documents, AHBE issued a notice to AIG on 2nd April 2015 stating that Ferry asserted all the claims and it assumed that they were covered.

According to ESPN, the six-year-old relationship between Ferry and Hawks ended when the two parties reached an undisclosed acquisition pact on 22nd June 2015. After two years, the sale of the franchise to Ressler was approved. The lawsuit explains that the sensitive limits of liability of the policy are enough to play the claim of AHBE. The lawsuit further explains that AIG has refused to admit that the complaint was filed and it has been triggered.

About Bruce Levenson

Mr. Bruce Levenson schooled at of Washington University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Levenson is the co-owner and partner at United Communication Group (UCG) and he also owns the Atlanta Spirit LLC. Before establishing UCG, Bruce Levenson worked as an editor for Washington Star and Observer Publishing.


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