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Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Needs to be Talked about

Sean Penn has one impressive career under his belt. He has his name on over a hundred theater and film productions where he has been either an actor, writer, producer, or director of the production. On top of the productions that he has been apart of, he also has Best Actor Academy Awards, published opinion pieces and even has worked as a war correspondent. Now with his new book, Sean Penn is unstoppable. His book is both funny and crazy discussing a septic-tank salesman who is also a contract killer for the U.S. Government. Penn speaks about a book being different from what he has done before due to it being all his own and not a collaboration with others. Also, that there is another book in the making. From the sounds of it there is going to be more books than movies in the future.

This book has a little something for anyone who reads it as there is ironies of American politics and a little mockery about everyday life. The description that Sean Penn includes in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is intriguing, captivating, and difficult to put the book down with the details included. Penn says that, “at the end of the day the book isn’t about leadership in our country. It’s about the culture in the country.” The book was taken to the next step so that the reader would feel as if Bob Honey is real and you are being taken on a journey of a part of his life.

Due to the nature of the book, the main character can seem to have a slightly skewed moral compass making it difficult to swallow, but also relatable. The storyline in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is complex as it combines environment and the character to keep the reader enticed. Following Bob Honey’s journey of being a septic-tank salesman and a killer for the government, along with his day-to-day life and relatable social issues, there is no way of putting this book down. Sean Penn did such a fantastic job on this novel it is no wonder his is redirecting his creative energies.


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