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How Wen by Chaz Dean Works for Thin Hair

If you have every wondered about how Wen by Chaz Dean [] actually effects a person’s hair, published an article by Emily McClure that details her week-long trial of the product. She claims that on the first day of her trial, she realized that you need to use a lot more of the product than you would use of shampoo. She used the recommended amount of WEN, and noticed that her hair felt thicker while she was massaging the product through. She left it on for a few minutes and then rinsed. After blow drying her hair, she said that it looked shinier than normal and had a little more life to it. She claims that her hair is normally very limp, because it is very thin.

She continued the testing of the sephora advertised brand for seven days and at the end of the week, she said she was getting compliments from friend about how nice her hair looked. She says, she feels that it helped her hair behavior a bit better than normal. She is thinking of using it long term.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a new concept in hair cleansing. Chaz, while working at a hair salon in Los Angeles, became interested in how to keep hair healthy. He came up with the cleansing treatment that is now his Amazon known formula, by trying it out on celebrities His first celebrity to use it was Nicolette Sheridan.


Wengie Health Face Massage Tutorial

This video is a great introduction to the importance of facial massaging as well as a tutorial on how to get started. The techniques of facial massaging have been used for hundreds of years and are used in many Asian countries for the anti aging benefits. However these techniques also help with sagging skin, dull skin, discoloration, aging spots, eye bags, puffy eyes, as well as reduce bloating in the face. Facial massages can also reduce toxins in the body and help to create an overall healthier lifestyle, for they can reduce toxicity and bloating in your face and create a slimmer and smoother skin. Because your skin is always changing as you age, facial massages become more and more important as they can strengthen your skin and tighten up your sagging areas. Bloating can also reduce over time with a combination of several liters of water and continuous facial massages. In order to start your facial massage you will need to start with a tool to draw it with. Whether it be a Chinese spoon or a plastic massager, these tools will allow you to begin your facial massage. The second item you will need is a lubricant such as oil cleanser, coconut oil, hemp oil, or facial oils. As you begin, it is important to note any open wounds on your face and mark them to avoid them during your face massage. Start by lubricating the areas you will be massaging. Begin the scraping process with your Chinese spoon by scarping upwards on your forehead. After the forehead has been completed, move to the remainder of your face, creating soft downward motions until you reach the end of your chin. Once the oil has been massaged throughout your face, return to any remaining spots that may require extra work or that you may have missed, lubricating each spot accordingly. Once completed, you may use your tool of choice to scrape the remaining oil on your face down through your neck or allow the oil to sit and soak into your skin. Either way your massage experience should only take about 10 to 15 minutes. Facial massages are a very easy and convenient way to care of your facial skin and overall health.

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Shea Butter Is Great For Skin

Shea butter is made from fruit of the African karite tree. Some call the karite tree the tree of live. Once the fruit is picked it is compressed and boiled to make the natural oil known as shea butter.

In Africa people use shea butter when they cook. In other countries people mainly use shea butter in beauty products like lotions and moisturizers. Shea butter skin products are known for healing or improving certain skin ailments. Besides helping with dry skin, shea butter has helped improve skin conditions such as blemishes, eczema, dermatitis, and wrinkles. It has helped with these conditions since it has vitamins A and E.

Shea butter can help reduce itching when it comes to rashes and allergies. If you get a tan or get burned from the sun, putting shea butter on the skin will help prevent peeling. For softer feet you can put shea butter on them. Another use for shea butter is to help heal small wounds by dabbing the wound with it before putting the bandage on.

One place to buy natural shea butter is from EuGenia Shea. EuGenia is a greek word meaning origin of goodness. EuGenia Shea company was started by Eugenia Akuete. She started her shea company with raw, unrefined Ghanaian shea butter.

EuGenia Shea is an online company. They offer everyday shea butter, pregnancy shea butter, and dermatological strength shea butter. They offer subscriptions, which means the customer would not have to always login to their site to order. When a customer starts a subscription to one of the company’s products, the customer will receive that product every month and would get free shipping.

The Possibilities of YouTube Fame

Wengie is the monicker used by Wendy Huang, a YouTube star who runs the channel known as The Wonderful World of Wengie. This channel has grown to be one of the most viewed and subscribed fashion and beauty channels in Australia. Wengie herself is Chines Australian and resides in Australia. Her brand focuses on beauty and cosmetics as well as fashion. Her YouTube videos are instructional videos through which she explains to her viewers how to do particular things. All of her videos have different content, yet all revolve around the same theme of cosmetics and beauty.

In an expert interview by, Wengie answered some questions about her inspiration for her YouTube channel. In her interview, Wengie says that her passion and interest in fashion and beauty began at a very young age as she wanted to learn everything she could about it. Having nobody to teacher her, all of her knowledge is from personal experience. Wengie also mentions that much of her focus in her videos is on Japanese and Korean cosmetics because of the lack of information out there for this demographic.

YouTube has become a platform for many rising famous individuals who are promoting their own videos. With this rise in popularity and subscribers, many users also promote products and/or services and eventually may even end up growing a business out of their online success. YouTube is a free platform and it is very interactive and easy to use. Being in an age of technology, many large companies are also catching on as they begin trying to establish an online presence in YouTube. Any individual who has made it famous on YouTube knows that it is a very difficult feat that takes a lot of strategy, dedication and consistency. However, if a lot of work is put in, it could pay off by turning a passion into profit by providing people with an audience and eventual consumer base.
to achieve tremendous growth in the digital marketing/reputation management industry.

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