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The Advantage Of Organic Lip Balm

Lip balm is made from many things and in many different ways. Unfortunately, just because something is called “lip balm” doesn’t mean it’s truly balmy for your lips. In fact, it could be a substance ultimately harmful to them. Parabens and petrolatum are known cosmetic chemicals which have been shown toxic to humans. Yet many agencies today use these chemicals on a regular basis. Before you buy any lip balm, you should check its ingredients to see if they include anything that’s bad for you. Following are several other tips to consider so that you can find the balm that’s right for you.
How many different product lines does a brand of balm has? Is there just one? Well, then it’s a new balm, and you may grow tired of it. You want at least two lines; three is better. One should tend toward sensual appearance, the other toward practical appearance, and if there is a third, it should have an emphasis on maintaining health in climates that are dry or for skin that isn’t generally moist.

Check out Ulta for the flavor varieties as well. You want a flavor that fits you. Also, how that balm is applied should be considered–the old stick application is becoming out of vogue. Now all the rage is sphere balms.

Evolution of Smoothness, or EOS as its called by the media, features organic lip balm solutions filled with natural healthy ingredients like jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter. It comes in spherical applicators and a variety of flavors as well. See,

EOS features three lines of balm which is also available online at Their Active Protection line is designed for dryer complexions or harsh climates. Their Shimmer Smooth line gives that sexy glisten to lips without making them feel sticky or uncomfortable; and their Visibly Soft line makes lips look and feel exceptional. Follow EOS on twitter.


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