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From An Actor To An Author of Splashy Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

For most writers and artists in various genres, realizing a novel or a song is a way of trying to find their way into the limelight of recognition and to get them famous. But for someone like Sean Penn, the case seems very different from what everyone is used to. Being already a renowned actor of several and famous movies, he doesn’t want any more recognition by writing his controversial novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.

It is the novel that has spread like the wildfire becoming the talk in town especially because of its creativity, jargons, and hidden satirical statements that have left many scratching their heads. Originally, the book had been released as an audiobook in 2016 and the release of the novel is the complete work of Sean Penn.

Some sections of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” novel has gone viral all over social media specifically the ones that relate to #MeToo movement and Donald Trump. Though, this was taken out of context by the readers who interpreted what they read into various tales.

The novel features a middle-aged man named Bob Honey who does various small jobs like setting fireworks for dictators, rescuing imprisoned Jews from various foreign prisons, selling and supplying septic tanks but the most notable work is assassinating elderly individuals using a mallet. Penn is only concerned with his legacy, not reviews or recognition.

According to Sean Penn, writing has turned out to be fun especially when he remembers he is free from some orders or some stress that comes along after acting in a movie. Bob Honey is a complex person from California who lives in a complex country like America but he is doing his best to make the country complexity-free. The book is all about the culture not about the leadership of the country.

In future, Penn is planning to continue releasing the kind of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” novels. As he ceases from becoming so much visible as an actor, writing novels will become his life and a way of exercising his thoughts. He enjoys every bit of writing. Many think that the dissatisfaction expressed by Bob Honey in the novel concerning his motherland is an imagery of the dissatisfaction in Sean Penn. More is expected from this unfathomable man, all we can do is wait.



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