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How EOS Made a Boring Product Sexy and Fun

Re-thinking an old, somewhat boring product to ignite interest and loyalty among today’s millennials may not sound like the best business strategy, but the founders of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) sure got it right. Their lip balm has taken the market by storm and has young women exciting about oral care.

With incredible hands-on attention to detail, co-founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky turned their start-up lip balm company into a fast-growth company whose product line is a staple in every with-it woman’s hand bag.

Keeping their target audience – fashionable female purchasers between 25 and 35 – in laser focus, the founders developed a product that appealed to all five senses, from the sound of the closing, brightly colored orb to the taste of the flavors. They also appealed to the generations’ socially conscious side and decided to go with all organic ingredients, while keeping their lip balm at a modest price point. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the founders, as well as their commitment to developing a truly distinguishable and top-quality product, were a great resource for EOS Lip Balm, particularly in the early days of the start-up.

To market their product, EOS went straight to the audience they hoped would fall in love with their product. They created a buzz through beauty bloggers and on social media channels. They reached out to beauty bloggers who reviewed the product and talked about it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Endorsements from stylish celebrities didn’t hurt, nor did partnerships with other, well-established brands. In short, EOS made a stale, boring product hip and cool and established a market for it. To put their swift success in the oral care industry in perspective, EOS now sells approximately 1 million units a week and experts predict that the oral care market will grow steadily as customers continue to gravitate to all-natural and organic products, which is the hallmark of EOS ( As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the company’s success has spawned copycats, who created lip balms in similar packaging and flavors.

The founders of EOS, who manufacture their own product rather than contracting out to a third party, are aware of the fickle nature of the beauty industry and know they must keep demonstrating the same kind of innovation to keep consumers’ interest. EOS now includes lines of hand and body lotion and shaving cream, and as was teased in a recent overview of the company in Fast Company magazine, plans to offer additional products in other categories in the future. Visit the


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