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Clay Siegall: Wait For It

Disease and sickness are the constant thing that has pestered human kind since the beginning. Though we have come far technologically wise we haven’t quite reached the peak of what we can. There are people who are trying to crack this code like Clay Siegall. A CEO of a Seattle based therapy drugs company. He and his team are working actively to combat the multiple disease that seem to persist with no measurable progress mainly cancer.

Clay Siegall has a PhD in in genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in zoology. He is fully capable of the task he is attempting. In fact, since he started his company Seattle Genetics he and it have risen to the top of the industry with more than 20 different drugs that are changing the face of medicine. Clay’s focus on cancer began when he saw how the treatment methods deteriorated a family member but not the cancer itself. Siegall believes that chemotherapy will be replaced by more safe, efficient, and more effective forms of remedies. Namely the drugs his company makes. After all, they did create the first FDA approved antibody drug conjugate that combats cancer. His company makes money from selling their products and the licensing of processes and technology that they use. Though the company is very wealthy Clay Siegall still maintains a sense of dedication for his fellow man through his work. His tendency to be a workaholic shows that he cares about the product not just the profit.

It seems in the near future Clay Siegall has big plans to become an important player in the medical industry with his partnerships with large drug manufacturers like Pfizer, Bayer, and Genentech. His company is truly on the way to helping us stop these scourges that seem to torment the world year after year. Clay Siegall’s secret to getting this all done does not come as a surprise. He plans on using his secret to success hard work to get it done. He believes like Charles Darwin that the only thing that separates and makes one successful Is having “enough passion to work intensely and with great focus is how you succeed.” Clay Siegall is well on his way to curing cancer. Its only a matter of time before he finds the secret and we just have to wait for the announcement.

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