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Sam Tabar Climbs the Career Ladder

It is very hard to get established in the legal field. Sam Tabar was able to get his foot in the door and has accomplished so much from the time he started in the legal field, til now. He is known as one of the best attorney’s and is a capital strategist. He has worked very hard to establish a positive reputation and always strives for client satisfaction.

Sam Tabar is working for FullCycle Fund in New York City. He has used his many talents to open doors for his career success. He has worked for Meagher and Flom, Arps, Skadden and Slater. He is a wonderful business person and attorney and is very easy to get along with. He was shortly moved to the business development and capital strategy side of the business because of his skills and education.

His time working for Arps, Skadden, Slater and Meagher and Flom was far from a waste for him. He brought the group to incredible heights in terms of business development. He has always loved his job and has enjoyed helping clients. SPARX is a group that Sam Tabar has spent time helping. He did a great job working as Managing Director for the company and also served as Co-Head of Business Development. He used his amazing legal knowledge to help this business get to the top.

He decided to take a different position after his career at the SPARX Group and found a job at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was able to become Director and the Head of Capital Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He worked for the Asia-Pacific region during his career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Sam Tabar then moved his career to The Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. He used his legal experience to help this company grow expontentially. He focused on hedge funds and compliance issues and also worked as the Senior Associate for the company. He definitely established a positive name for himself during his time here. He can be found on Instagram, where he posts pictures of his most recent amateur photography.

Restoring The Russian Economy

The Russian economy has been plagued with reports of a falling economy. Resulting in investors pulling their money out of the country. Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev announced that the economy grew by 0.8 percent in the first quarter, even though the forecast was a 2.5 percent increase.

The Crimean tensions are the latest problems that have contributed to the economic slowdown. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the expansion of Russia’s $2 trillion economies slowed for a fourth year in 2013, with consumer spending falling and investment sagged along with demand for energy.

Entrepreneurial talent and capital are leaving the country at a fast rate; therefore Alexei Beltyukov realizes that something needs to be done to improve the situation. Alexei Beltyukov is one of the founding fathers of the Skolkovo Foundation. The Skolkovo Foundation is a government sanctioned organization that works to promote technology, business, and innovation across Russia. Alexei believes the best way to help the economy is the help the entrepreneurs to feel confident and in a position to invest and therefore open up jobs and overall improve the Russian economy from its current condition.

Over a thousand Russian businesses have already benefited from grants and tax breaks awarded by the foundation, and according to a recent article in the Moscow Times, business development through the Foundation has resulted in the creation of over 13,000 jobs. The recent reports have been dishearting however with the hard work, and help of the Skolkovo Foundation Alexei believes that there is hope for a bright future in Russia.  Read more about Alexei and his plans on

Eric Pulier Is An Education Advocate

Eric Pulier has been an education advocate for a long time, and he has been trying to help people with education problems for years. He knows that he can provide people with the services that they need, and he has been trying to get school systems to do the things that will help kids the most. Every kid who is trying to get the best education possible is going to be able to get the resources they need because Pulier is pushing for them.

He started out by starting the People Doings Things charity that helped people get education resources, and he was working with as many people as possible to see if they could get the right kinds of resources for every kid who was in need. There are a lot of kids who needed to get better technology, and he also made sure that he was talking to companies that could provide the kinds of technology kids needed.

The other technology that he works on is with the X Prize committee, and he is waiting to see how many things can be changed with the technology that is brought before the committee. He knows that a lot of people are coming up with a lot of great technology that could be applied in interesting ways. He is trying to be sure that he can get people to see all the different uses for their technology, and he wants to show everyone that innovation can go back to the classroom or help people with disabilities.

Eric Pulier is also someone who has helped kids with chronic illnesses. He knows that kids need to have a nice place to go when they are in a bad situation, and he wants them to feel like they belong to something that is special. All the kids that are struggling in the world are benefiting from a lot of the work that has been done by Eric Pulier and all of his colleagues. They are all coming together to make learning better for kids, and they are making life simpler for all these kids.

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Athenahealth Inc. Reviewed By Institutional Investors

Athenahealth Inc. has had an excess of news around it in recent months. Hedge fund activity pertaining to the company along with other institutional investors has seen an increase. However, the company has not impressed investors with institutional sentiment dropping from 1.01 to 0.01 overall in the 3rd quarter of 2015. The 1.0 drop can be broken down into 20 funds selling all owned shares of Athenahealth Inc. while another 86 funds reduced their position in the company. It wasn’t all selling shares since 40 funds bought initial stakes in the company with another 66 funds increasing their positions. The institutional investors now own 47.97 million shares which are a significant 19% reduction from 2015 high. The services that Athenahealth Inc. offers are related to administrative needs in the healthcare industry. This includes cloud services for billing, records, orders, patient portals, and management services. They currently service 75,000 healthcare providers and businesses.

James Dondero has been invested in Athenahealth Inc. with his hedge fund known as Highland Capital Management. The management fund under Dondero’s guidance has reduced their stake by an impressive 83.13% in the first quarter of 2016 due to Athenahealth Inc. underperforming during a stock market rally. This is after James Dondero had been increasing the management funds position in previous months. It isn’t uncommon for hedge funds to change tactics on companies especially when they begin underperforming and as previously noted Athenahealth Inc. has had a lot of institutional investor attention in the 4th quarter of 2015 and 1st quarter of 2016.

Athenahealth Inc. isn’t the only business that Highland Capital Management has invested in under the direction of James Dondero. At its last filing the company employs 105 full and part-time employees and is managing approximately $15 billion in capital from 26 – 100 individual clients.

Source: Franklin Independent

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Andy Wirth Provides Leadership to Squaw Valley

Since he became the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in 2010, Andy Wirth has been on a mission to unite the community into a more functional and powerful year long tourist destination. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

There have been a couple of significant project that have taken his time and it is his leadership and ability to build a consensus for action that has endeared him to the public and allowed him to move the viability of this portion of the Lake Tahoe area into a much more attractive destination.

One of the projects that has just begun to be a reality was being uniting the two main ski resorts in the area with a user friendly gondola. This project will allow both skiers and snowboarders the option of using both mountains on the same day without having to take all of their gear off, pack it up and drive. Now that time can be spend using the beautiful ski areas to their full capacity. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine and Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board

This was an idea that was conceived long ago, but it took the leadership and compromise ability of Wirth to get all of the parties involved to sign off on the project. The previous ownership of the mountain used heavy handed, take it or leave it tactics to try to force change. It didn’t work. That is why the cooperative and flexible technique that Wirth employs has so much success. He has built a measure of trust with those in the community that he has the best interests of the area at heart.

Another area where the leadership of Andy Wirth has been vital is in making sure that the community was not broken up by some outside corporate interests. At one point there was a move afoot to separate one of the ski resorts and privatize the area.

That would remove resources from the community that are used for everything from plowing roads to garbage removal. Wirth was able to build a consensus of support in the area to defeat the effort. This allowed all of the business owners and residents of the area to avoid a lack of services and a significant raise in their tax burden.

It is through the ability of Andy Wirth putting the well being of the region first that has allowed for successful growth to occur. With more of his keen insight and flexible negotiating ability, there is no telling how much the Lake Tahoe area will grow.

Andy Wirth: Death Defying Inspiration

Andy Wirth on wsj is a business owner, philanthropist and athlete. Among his favorite activities is skydiving. He in fact goes on multiple skydives on a daily basis. However, there was one day when it unfortunate accident occurred where he suffered an injury that almost cost him his life. Andy Wirth fell into the vineyard and ripped his arm almost completely off.  He then spent the next significant period of his life in the hospital recovering. Andy Wirth describes it as his close call. He has also went on a journey on which has given him a new found appreciation for life.

One thing that helped him survive his encounter was his experience as a backcountry ranger. Andy Wirth has gained plenty of experience when it comes to trauma. One thing that he has learned from his experience was to keep the shock from occurring. He used a song by Pearl Jam to calm him down. Then he spent three months in the hospital on and then began his healing process where he met with plenty of interesting people including a Navy Seal team which helped and encouraged him with their struggles in the battlefield.

Andy Wirth on kcrw is currently CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. When he took over, he sent the company through an upgrade that was worth $70 million. Squaw Valley underwent improvements which included changes being made to the mountain design, renovations being made to various areas, funds were put to lodging and other areas by KSL Capital Partners, and plenty of other upgrades were made to the company. As a result, the resort has jumped very high in rankings. Because of the upgrades, Squaw Valley became one of the top 20% of the resorts when it came to customer satisfaction.

Forefront Capital Donates to Vets

Brad Reifler, the CEO and Founder of Forefront Captial Advisors, has extended a helping hand to Easter Seas Dixon, finding a partner in the struggle to provide support to military veterans and their families once their tours had concluded.

Chairman of the Easter Seals Dixon Center, Col. David W. Sutherland, made the announcement of the partnership to the public, making note of the need for financial backing from public and private institutions so that their operations may continue to service veterans. Because of this importance to veterans, Forefront has stated their interest in making their partnership one that endures.

In support of Easter Seals, Reifler, through Forefront Capital, has donated $3 million to help fund their operations. The funds will largely be used for seeking employment, retraining for a changing job market, healthcare and awareness.

For Easter Seals, philanthropy and advocacy in support of veteran has been their goal for years. By incorporating concerned citizens within this community, Eastern Seals has been able to reach veterans and provide them with options to better their lives that they may not have been aware of, giving them a chance to better their domestic lives once their tours of service has ended.

The decision to partner up with Easter Seals was easy for Reifler to do once he learned of the number of people who are helped through the organization each year by giving them options to better secure their financial future.

Wikipedia shows how Brad Reifler is both Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. Most of his career has been spent in the financial sector, scouting for the best talent in business he could find and making connections with clients from across the globe. By demonstrating his ability to acquire key accounts and working with the best, Forefront Capital has forged partnerships that take into consideration the needs of all, placing them above other financial firms. CrunchBase makes notice Reifler is able to pull this off by making advising a key component of Forefront’s daily operations with clients, making these partnerships enduring relationships.

Forefront Capital may be known for a clientele that mirrors a more traditional investor base, they also scour niche markets that allows middle-class investors to take part in investing on a smaller scale. With an investment structure that is so diversified, Forefront is able to mitigate unnecessary risk that often results from investing and maximize yields for their clients regardless of the size of their financial investment.. Refiler is someone who always makes himself accessible to the general public through social media. Brad also is known for his Reuters articles, like his 5 tips article that laid out some of the general rules for investment everybody should follow.

Forefront Capital Advisors to Partner With Easter Seals Dixon Center

On February 29, CEO and Founder of Forefront Capital Advisors Brad Reifler announced that his firm will begin a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center in order to help veterans and military families. A donation of $3 million is included.

According to Reifler from his Twitter, “Forefront Capital Advisors chose the partnership because we feel that the Easter Seals Dixon Center has made a tremendously positive impact on the lives of veterans and military families by changing the conversations about these individuals who have served the United States so selflessly to highlight their potential and create life-changing opportunities for them.”

The donation will help pay for veterans’ programs through the Dixon Center, such as health, job training, caregiver training, and education. The center works to connect organizations and individuals with these programs and make them easier to access.

“Partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Center makes good business sense. We believe veterans and their families must have financial stability in order to succeed in their communities after a life of service. Easter Seals Dixon Center offers a unique opportunity for our company, staff and clients to get behind this important cause,” Reifler posted to his

Forefront Capital Advisors is a global firm whose clients are long time partners. It deals in alternate investment, investment banking and merchant banking. Reifler has been CEO since 2009.

CrunchBase makes it pretty clear Reifler originated the Forefront Income Trust which opens the door for middle income Americans to make investments in areas where only the “one percent” could in the past. Unless the investor makes a return of 8 percent or more, Forefront will not take in a profit.

After graduating from Bowdoin College in 1981, he founded Reifler Trading Company in the early 1980s. He sold the business and founded Reifler Capital Management in 1992. He founded Pali Capital in 1995 and was CEO until leaving in 2008, after which he founded Forefront Capital Advisors.  Wikipedia has more information on Brad.

Using A Video Newsletter Is Great For Business

Anyone who isn’t already using a video newsletter is leaving money on the table. Let’s face it, a video newsletter is a great way to have your viewers open your newsletters. They will read them and watch them for the valuable information they contain. Who doesn’t like watching a video, right? Getting your viewers and blog readers to appreciate the valuable content you provide can be tricky. One of the best ways to engage the audience is by using video.

Keep in mind that you can provide a video newsletter on a personal level or a business and professional level. Imagine all of the uses that a video newsletter could have. You could announce a family reunion and keep your family and friends updated from the announcement until it’s time to celebrate. If you run a business, like a retail store, you can use the newsletter to announce things that are happening in your store.

Many people might be wondering how t get started using a video newsletter. There is an easy to use platform that will make this very easy for everyone regardless of their reason for doing this. That platform is called Talk Fusion. This platform was created by Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina. Bob was not always a well respected CEO of an innovative video technology company.

In fact, Bob Reina was an regular, everyday guy who wanted to send a video in an email to one of his friends. He couldn’t find an option to do it and so, he sent a quick email to AOL and they responded. They told him it could not be done. Bob Reina knew that had to be a better way and he consulted with a friend of his who was tech savvy. Together they created the most advanced and innovative video platform in the world today, that platform is Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina knows that everything is better with video. Using Talk Fusion’s ‘together we can make a difference’ approach, anyone can use video technology to keep in touch. This is for fortune five hundred companies and everyday people who just want to communicate with their family and friends. Video technology is no longer complex when you use Talk Fusion.

Is Kyle Bass’ Middle Name “Suspicious”?

When someone suddenly appears on the national stage, it is always cause for suspicion. The difficulty of navigating the mainstream media usually indicates connections one way or another. Kyle Bass definitely seems to have these kinds of connections, and suspicion has followed him perpetually. The thing is, that suspicion is not without reason.

Kyle Bass just seemed to appear out of the blue with a prediction that ended up being true. That prediction regarded 2008’s housing market, and an imminent collapse. When Bass’ was proved correct, everyone began to pay attention to him. Since that time he’s made quite a few appearances on mainstream media outlets. His hedge fund isn’t doing so well, however. Bass manages the fund in Texas, and whenever he makes a television appearance, the thing seems to perform more poorly. How is it someone with such a promising introduction to the market would have such trouble managing his own hedge fund? Even mediocre managers outperform Bass, and that’s suspicious.

Yet more suspicious is his “humanitarian” organization CAD. CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. They don’t do anybody any favors, despite seeming to offer a real service to society. Bass uses CAD to devalue the price big-ticket pharmaceuticals sell their drugs for. As a result the pharmaceuticals can’t funnel proper funding toward things like research and development, and conditions which may have been cured after several years’ research instead prove fatal. Furthermore, the stock of those companies takes a big dip. Kyle Bass profits from this stock diminishment by short selling his holdings and skittering away with millions.

Such behavior is so concerning even the United States congress estranged political differences to find a bipartisan solution against Bass’ actions. But Bass actions have this surprising quality: they’re technically legal–though obviously fraudulent and evidently damaging.

Adding to the suspicion are Kyle Bass’ ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, well-known socialist advocate. De Kirchner is president of Argentina, and has run the country so poorly that economic defaults have stricken twice in thirteen years of her financial choices. Yet though Bass made his fame predicting the fallout of poor choices in America, he’s got nary a negative thing to say about de Kirchner. In fact, he seems bent on advocacy for her and her designs. This is like the suspicious cherry on the suspicious cake.

Between Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, CAD, the poor performance of Bass’ hedge fund, and increasingly inaccurate mainstream media appearances, there is a suspicious buffet surrounding this man that can’t be ignored.

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