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How GreenSky Continues to Remain a Financial Tech Leader

Many investors are watching the performance of companies within the financial technology sector. One of these companies has chosen to do things a bit differently than others, with great results. In this post, you’ll learn about the recent success of financial tech company GreenSky.

A Brief History of GreenSky

This company is one of the leaders in the financial technology industry. David Zalik, CEO of this company, wanted to find a way to make it easier for consumers to receive loans. Instead of using their own capital, this company partners with a network of banks. In addition, GreenSky currently has partnerships with nearly 12,000 merchants. This company also provides loans for consumers involving multiple types of medical procedures.

This Company’s Stellar Public Debut

Recently, GreenSky made its public debut and did better than industry expert estimates. This company was able to end the first 24 hours as a publicly-traded business with share prices reaching totals that were 1.5% higher than expected. In addition, this company was able to sell 38 million shares during this time which was 4 million more than estimates predicted.

Partnering with American Express

The amazing performance of GreenSky didn’t end with its IPO. Throughout August 2018, this company saw share prices increase by 17.1%. One reason for this sharp price increase was due to this company’s partnership with fellow financial giant, American Express. This partnership now means that this company is able to tap into American Express’s network of merchants. Considering that, it is expected that transaction volume will increase by 38-41% by the end of 2018.

To summarize, GreenSky is a company that seems to show no signs of slowing down. This company recently made an amazing public debut on the stock market. Things only got better for this company after they struck up a partnership with American Express.

The Heads of the Class: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are two people who have come together to push the boundaries of health care in the United States today. Now they have taken the helm at InnovaCare and hope to push the company to achieve even loftier goals than what had been set previously. Rick Shinto has more than twenty-five years of experience in the medical field and Penelope Kokkinides rejoined the company after some time and has more than twenty years of experience in the medical field. Here is a little bit more about Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been breaking the mold when he became CEO of InnovaCare. In seven years, he has taken the company to new levels and has been awarded for his efforts in the medical profession. Earlier this year, Rick Shinto was named as one of the top twenty-five minority executives in the United States. He was very honored to receive the award and hopes to continue his road of success for future generations. You can visit


The primary focus of InnovaCare is to come up with and provide for government health care plans. InnovaCare Health is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and with the help of their subsidiary, MMM Health Care InnovCare has been able to lend a much-needed hand to those in Puerto Rico. The company itself has raised more than four million dollars in efforts to help the country after Hurrican Maria in 2017.

Penelope Kokkinides is a woman who is always looking to get as much done as she can. This is very useful in her position at InnovaCare. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Columbia and has made it her mission to help people in need. In an interview with Ideasmensch, she talks about her days and how ideas come to fruition.

She says that her days are not the same and she loves to travel for her job. When she is traveling she feels that she can get the most work done as possible through the day. She also gives credit to the team of people around her when new ideas come into play. All of the team share the results of new ideas. You can visit


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have helped shape the medical field in ways far beyond hospital floors. They make sure to know what is going on and keep up with new things.



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Southridge CEO Stephen Hicks

It has been ten years since Bitcoin came into existence. However, for many, Bitcoin is still an enigma. The founder of Bitcoin has never been known up to date. The kind of digital currency is developed to be anonymous and secure. Bitcoin has something called cryptography at its core. Cryptography refers to the procedure of changing something understandable to something uncrackable and complicated. Cryptography is a code that tracks transactions and transfers. Established during the era of the Second World War, cryptography was created to secure communications with hints of computer science and mathematical theory. However, the tool has grown to secure information, communications including money online.

Cryptocurrencies allow users to conduct secure payments. Moreover, it enables the users to store money secretly without a bank or a name through decentralized technology. Cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain, a disseminated public ledger including a record of all deals both rationalized as well as held by currency holders. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that opened the doors for more than 1000 more that are now available on the internet. Bitcoin attained the highest value of $20,000 at its peak in 2017. However, it later crashed to about $ 6,000 which is its current value. Southridge Capital claims that it is easy to understand and track Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. For more details visit Bloomberg.

The founding principal and CEO of Southridge Capital is Stephen Hicks. Hicks is responsible for the strategic direction that governs all the Southridge group of companies. Stephen established Southridge in 1996. He has over 30 years of experience in the investment industry. In addition to this, Hicks is well knowledgeable in derivatives, financial structuring, investment banking and risk arbitrage. He graduated from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He later received his master degree in the same field from Fordham University, in New York City. Southridge Capital is a private equity organization that offers investment banking as well as securing brokerage services to middle and small market firms. The company has its main offices in East Coast, New England, and North-eastern U.S. The company has made over $1.7 billion of direct investment into growing organizations across the world. You can check out their Twitter.



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Jose Auriemo Neto-Chairman And CEO Of JHSF

JHSF Participacoes SA is the biggest real estate development company in Brazil. Chairman and CEO Jose Auriemo Neto manages the company. In his position as the leader of this company, he has enhanced growth in this company by making sure that the company remains top of the real industry in Brazil. He has been in the management of JHSF for the past two decades. He has experience that cannot be matched by any other person in the industry. In just a matter of two decades, the company has created some of the biggest real estate projects in the country. In Sao Paulo, the biggest real estate projects have been done by this company. Some of the projects that the company engages in include construction of business airports, shopping complexes and high-end hotels and restaurants.

JHSF was started in 1972 by the father of Jose Auriemo Neto. After he grew old, he decided to leave the company to his son. Jose Auriemo has not disappointed in managing business. In fact, since he took up the mantle of managing the company, he has done so, diligently. The company is now growing rapidly and is moving its business operation even to other countries. Already they have interests in Miami and Uruguay.

Jose Auriemo Neto has seen the company set up the first shopping mall, in the country. Since they developed tier first project, they have built others in quick succession. In the main cities in Brazil, there is a project that is owned by JHSF. The firm has also been moved into retail shopping where they have partnered with luxury brands in the world. JHSF under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto has set itself apart from others by ensuring that it maintains a reputation in the industry and has the best innovations which will enable it to stay top of industry.

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The Assured Growth Of The Talos Company

The Talos company, in the oil and gas industry, has been one of the most successful ones in the sector. This could mostly be attributed to the fact that they have chosen to concentrate on their production. In the same line, to reduce production costs, they have chosen to carry out their activities technically.

The management of the company is one of their greatest assets. Their objectivity in the line, which is built around growth and further exploration is common and there is consequent unity in the kinds of decisions they make. For instance, the company recently made the decision of establishing oil mines in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

The management when making the decision on the location of their new explorations was doing so with an aim of growth. The diligence of their decision was proved when they were able to build and develop two companies (Phoenix Exploration Co. and Gryphon Exploration Co.) which have worked well in delivering the required returns to investors in terms of profitability attributable to equity invested.

The Talos company is very lucrative for potential investors. Those who previously invested in company (in 2012) when it was starting its operations have realized a lot of profits on their equity. Such profitability would be desirable to any potential investor. This is even in consideration of the fact that the oil and gas industry usually thrive a lot, due to the scarcity and high demand for their products.

The recent merger between the Talos Co. and the Stone Energy Corporation is one of the major decision the company has made so far, and it is strategic enough to be expected to increase the profitability of the company in future. Their competitive position was improved by the decision to merge with another company in the industry.

From the way it is performing currently, the company is projecting growth in fiscal year of 2018. With their exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, their daily production would be expected to grow from 49,000 barrels of oil to at least 53,000 barrels daily. The growth of the company is a non-debatable guarantee, attributable to the decisions they have made in the recent past.

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Jeunesse Business Opportunities

Growing Company

Jeunesse is one of the fastest growing companies in the cosmetics industry. The company offers multiple beauty products for customers to utilize. Not only are the products beneficial, but the merchandise is also affordable. Numerous customers enjoy testing the new products offered by Jeunesse.

Jeunesse also offers a direct selling program for customers who want to make additional money each month. Jeunesse sells the inventory at a wholesale price, and then participants can sell these products to other customers for a profit. Although the direct selling program is only a few years old, numerous people have had financial success selling products.

Why Selling?

Direct selling is an excellent way to earn additional income for various reasons. The initial investment required to start selling these products is minimal. Jeunesse also provides help for any seller who needs it.

Many people want to earn additional income to help pay bills or save for the future. Others enjoy the products and want to meet other people in their area.

Planning for Success

There are a few direct sellers who have had tremendous success so far. Some have even quit their job to focus on selling these products. These are rare cases and require a tremendous amount of time and money.

Some direct sellers recommend that new sellers invest in a website. Others believe that social media is sufficient to advertise cosmetic products.

Product Quality

Unlike many cosmetic companies, Jeunesse does not try to reduce product quality to improve profits. Jeunesse uses the best ingredients possible. Many of the products even use organic ingredients. The company also donates a percentage of sales to various charitable causes around the world. With new product innovation and quality customer service, it is no surprise that Jeunesse continues to expand in multiple countries.


Let’s be honest here. Everyone wants to have a great credit score but few of us have the discipline to do what it takes to get a great score. The fact of the matter is that most Americans impulse buy. In fact, they do it a lot. Credit card debt has been on the rise since the last recession and shows no signs of slowing down. Fortunately, there are ways that you can improve your credit score. In this article, we are going to be going over some tips on how to obtain and maintain a great credit score that will qualify you for any loan under the sun.

  1. Make payments when scheduled

This is something you have to do in order to keep a great credit score. If you don’t pay your payments on time, you are thus becoming a liability to your credit card company. To combat this, I would recommend setting up payment notices or even automating your payments straight from your bank. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing a payment and your credit score will improve because of this.

  1. Only purchase what you can afford

This step is pretty self-explanatory but few people actually follow it. Many people go with the American mindset of “I want what I want and I want it now”. This mindset is cancer for anyone looking to reach financial success. You can’t reach financial success if you are loaded with debt. You can still use credit cards but just make sure you will be able to pay them off at the end of the month.

  1. Check your credit report

Sometimes, there can be errors in your credit report that can negatively affect your credit score. Combat this by going over your credit report and contacting your company if there are any flaws.

One of the best companies I would recommend going with would be GreenSky Credit. GreenSky Credit has over 12,000 merchants. GreenSky Credit has also served over 1.6 million customers. They have loaned over $1 billion in capital and are a great company to go with. Overall, GreenSky Credit is the way to go.

Restoration After Harvey With Anthony Petrello

During the time after Hurricane Harvey, many in the Gulf Coast were left in bad shape due to the immense power and destructive force of the storm. Locals had to flee from many areas and were unable to return to their homes due to flooding and damage done by this storm that lasted through August and September 2017. The relief efforts brought many groups together to help restore some sense of normalcy with one being Anthony Petrello and Nabor Industries. Nabor Industries is the leading Geothermal and Natural Gas contractor in the in the world with many employees living in the areas affected. Mr. Petrello didn’t hesitate but acted with a generous and helping hand in Houston, Texas where a majority of the damage was felt.

Nabor Industries, led by Anthony Petrello opened up their kitchens on site to provide as much support as possible to those in need, as well as those helping with relief efforts. They provided three meals a day to many who were left without shelter as the storm destroyed many homes and businesses with high winds and heavy flooding. The employees of Nabor Industries started relief fund which Anthony Petrello matched at $173,622. The help was well received as many hands were involved in getting Texas as well as the rest of the Gulf Coast back to a much better circumstance.

Anthony Petrello is a graduate of both Harvard and Yale, holding a J.D. Degree from Harvard Law and a BS and MS in Mathematics from Yale. He and his wife Cynthia are both very generous and caring philanthropists who don’t hesitate when they are called upon for help or the need is there. Together they have donated to many causes including a $7 million donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital where Anthony was requested by their board to be a member and head the fundraising sector there. With help from Anthony and his wife, the hospital was able to start the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center which has helped many children who suffer from a multitude of disorders. Anthony Petrello has found many causes to support and he’s shown that while being successful is important, helping your neighbor is even more important and gratifying as well.

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Aloha Construction: Home Improvments For A Better Tomorrow

Home improvement has grown very popular over the decades. Every time you turn on the television, there is some form of home improvement show that presents itself on the screen. Commercials are also at an all-time high. Home improvement can be very fun in a sense because you’re improving on your home’s appearance as well as making the home more functional. If you’re not a do-it-yourself kind of guy, then you’ll need to search for a general contractor. Though the projects can be entertaining to complete, some of the projects can be downright demanding. Aloha Construction steps into picture by offering copious amount of benefits. This general contractor is setting the tone for the new year, and it is being led by a guy who’s passion is home renovation.

President and Chief Executive Officer Dave Farbaky has been on a mission ever since the inception of the company. This dates back to 2008 and the company has steadily made improvements, especially in the growth-department. Aloha Construction takes home improvement to another level, and it does this via advanced-training. The company’s team of specialists is trained across a wide variety of fields or sectors that pertains to this business. There are close to 250 employees in all. If you choose this general contractor to handle all of your needs, then you’ll definitely receive high quality work. That can’t be said for 50 percent of the industry because many of the general contractors in society are looking for fast cash.

Fortunately, Aloha Construction is the exception to the rule, and it has delivered time and time again. The company has a long list of happy customers and clients. In the end, Aloha Construction is the general contractor of choice because it respects your property, it offers competitive prices, and it will live up to its own hype.

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From Hardest To Easiest Work With Market America

One of the issues that need to be resolved for each individual is how they are going to make money. While methods of income tend to be put into active or passive income categories, there are actually plenty of different levels of income. With active income, there are a couple of methods of earning. One is hourly wage. The other is called pay-points. People who make pay-points earn according to how much work they get done. Even though they can make as much as people who make an hourly wage, it takes a lot of focus and energy to be able to do the work.

The easiest way to make money in the long run is passive income with Market America. The only thing that needs to be done is setting up the passive income with the business model. This can actually be quite challenging and time consuming. It is recommended for people who are working to sell products with companies like Market America to look for other ways to make money while they are trying to work on their business. Meanwhile, look at the many different resources and tools that Market America has to offer so that the success can come at a reasonable rate.

Market America has been started by people who have started from nothing at a time when it was a lot harder to market. One thing that needed to be done was find a way to advertise that was catchy enough to gain curiosity from the customer. They have also experienced times of uncertainty when they didn’t know if they were going to be successful. They are willing to encourage and instruct their members with knowledge of this experience. They know that it can be challenging and even discouraging for people who do not have as much capital to start a business and be successful right off the bat. Clik here

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