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How Dr. Mark Mofid Is Working To Change The American Perception Of Buttock Augmentation

Dr. Mark Mofid, MD FACS is a doctor located in La Jolla, California, His medical specialty is plastic surgery. The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has certified him and the American Board of Plastic Surgery has done likewise. His commitment to his patients is that he will do the highest-quality work in an understanding and caring way. He uses reconstructive and aesthetic procedures that are state-of-the-art in nature and brings to the table both technical and artistic skills. His goal is to create natural looking results that make his patients feel good about themselves.

At Harvard University Dr. Mark Mofid graduated magna cum laude when earning his bachelor’s degree. At the John Hopkins University School of Medicine he learned medicine. He graduated with an MD and received training in both plastic surgery and general surgery while attending this university. In addition to practicing at his own clinic, he also acts as a staff surgeon at three area hospitals.

Dr. Mark Mofid can perform many different types of plastic surgery. Among these are breast augmentation (whether the patient wants to go smaller or bigger), facial reconstruction, buttock augmentation, post-trauma facial surgery repair, and more. He is one of the foremost experts, in particular in buttock augmentation in the United States. He says that in order to achieve this he had to travel to Brazil where plastic surgeons perform this type of operation far more than American plastic surgeons do. In particular, he learned from one of the best in the business when he had Raul Gonzalez, MD, teach him everything he knew in Ribeirao Preto.

Buttock augmentation gets a bum rap in America, Dr. Mark Mofid says, because it’s not very well understood even by those in his profession. It’s rarely in the news for good reasons, pretty much only bad ones. He’s at the forefront of trying to change this perception as many women would otherwise be interested in this procedure if they knew the truth about it. In particular, many women want to return to the body they had before they gave birth and having their butt sag isn’t something they like. Buttock augmentation can of course help with that as he points out.


Working with Dr Walden

Have you ever wanted to get a brand new nose or a breast augmentation? There are all kinds of people all across the globe who are known for their work. Some are considered incredible magicians who just know how to deliver amazing results. Jennifer Walden is no exception. She is a talented cosmetic surgeon who has taken all the right certification to get her to where she is today. Dr Walden is an incredible surgeon who knows and understands the risks involved and cares to show her precision in ways that can guarantee you get the best possible service you can get.

Dr Walden is known for her unique ways on creating different solutions. Whenever anybody works with her, expect to get an incredible down to the Earth woman who provides a great overall experience. Many people have shared their good experiences and explained that they have all noticed a change in themselves without the struggle. Recovery is always at a short period of a time as possible. She knows how to speak and work with people personally so that they know what to expect and how to best improve their lives as the procedure is done. The best thing to remember is that she knows how to best recommend certain things like how to recover and what to do with your health as you try to recover. Click here to know more.

Dr Walden works hard to ensure that her patients have exceptional experiences and an overall better life for them down the road. She is definitely a capable woman who knows what she can do, so if anybody needs anything specific from her, expect for her to know the best possible solution for getting as much results possible. Her team of other surgeons and assistants all do very well to provide the best services out there.

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