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Matthew Fleeger Bio

Matthew Fleeger is a successful entrepreneur and executive in domestic oil & gas and tanning industries. He serves as President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, a Texas-owned family business in Dallas. His expertise is in finance, leadership, acquisitions, mergers, corporate structure, and negotiating partnerships. Upon completing college from the Southern Methodist University, Matthew worked for a company founded by his father until 1993. During the same year, he established MedSolutions, Inc, a business specializing in medical waste treatment, disposal, and transportation.

Approximately 15 years later, serving as President, CEO, and Chairman, Matthew Fleeger sold MedSolutions for nearly $59 million. He returned to his father’s company where his roots began in the oil and gas industry, after the sale. He applied his educational studies, experience building a successful business, and investment knowledge to lead Gulf Coast Western into a successful company. Between 2013 and 2015, Fleeger negotiated several acquisitions comprising of drilling properties, oil wells, and companies. He also organized Gulf Coast Western Energy Services after the purchase of CND Energy Services and Frac Restraints.

While exploring the tanning industry, Matthew Fleeger acquired ownership interests in Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. The companies have earned $100 million in revenues and continue to grow nationwide. He helped Mystic expand into the largest international franchise in the spray tanning industry. Since he acquired Palm Beach Tan, the company became a large indoor tanning enterprise.

Matthew Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University studying marketing and finance, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business. He was recognized by the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals, a prestigious honor for executive leaders. Fleeger and the Gulf Coast Western team support medical hospitals, research institutions, and housing. He donates financially to the Medical Center of Dallas for Children, Children’s Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, and The Family Place.


Guilherme Paulus is Building a Legacy in the Tourism Industry

CVC grew rapidly since it started in 1972 at Santo Andre in Sao Paulo. The founding fathers of the company include Guilherme Paulus and Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. The company became one of the largest retail tourism networks in Brazil and a leading travel operator in Latin America. The success of the company speaks volumes of the leadership style of Guilherme Paulus.

45 years of innovation

Born in 1949 in Sao Paulo, Mr. Guilherme Paulus went to college and received a college degree in Business Administration. With over 50 years of experience in the tourism industry, the entrepreneur has built a name for himself in the industry. He was part of the company’s growth from a small agency to among the largest companies in Brazil. He banked on an business innovation to come up with contemporary travel packages and many other products which widened the company’s portfolio of products.Guilherme Paulus received help from a global investment fund which enabled it to scale success heights even more. The company became public in 2013 and currently, its revenue reaches $5.2 billion per year. Their plans to open 100 stores every year and expand to new markets will see the company grow even further.The company’s presence is being felt all over Brazil having been available in over 400 malls as well as 140 hypermarkets and galleries.

Social Responsibility

CVC supports the Alfasol Solidarity, an organization that offers youngsters immersion programs in the tourism industry. It also supports PIET project and Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution in Santo Andre.


CVC has promoted economic development by generating jobs for people as well as local development throughout the places it operates in. Guilherme Paulus has been recognized by French officials for promoting tourism in French. He has been recognized by various prefectures for his philanthropic work in the industry. in addition, he has received many accolades including “The Entrepreneur of the Year Award”, entrepreneur “Revolutionary Consumer Relations”, by Modern Consumer magazine and the “Personality of the Year Award” By Viagem e Turismo.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The renowned entrepreneur purchased airline Webjet in 2006 and established it to become one of the largest airline company with over 20 fleet of aircraft. He later sold it to Gol. He also founded GJP Hotels & Resorts, a hotel network that controls over 15 hotels throughout Brazil specializing in leisure tourism as well as events.


Infinity Group Australia Director Graeme Holm Restructures Mortgage Payoff Terms For Early Payoffs

After injury impeded his potential for a career in sports, the young Graeme Holm centered his focus in the banking sector. At a mere 21, he began his ascent through the management ranks, and mortgage was the epicenter of his career. Writing traditional 30 year mortgages was proving flawed by his observations working with clients. Noticing a gap in the relationship between institutions and their borrowers, Graeme Holm felt there was a strong enough need in the industry to make a difference.
Centering On Client’s Success
With his partner Rebecca Walker, the duo spent six months in research and development. They knew they could offer a better service by embracing the values of Australian families, and being more to the client than a traditional lender. Coaching clients in “financial fitness“, laying out a plan that is easy to understand and follow, and keeping open communication with the client is the very foundation of Infinity Group Australia’s mission.
Growing The Business “One Family At A Time”
Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker eventually married and together they lead the team at Infinity Group Australia. The shared passion of helping Australians achieve financial freedom and lift the burdens of debt from their shoulders is a very satisfying and accomplished feeling. Starting with a vision, their humble start was a small office with a couple of desks. This grew into the five-location business that it is today, due to the commitment to clients first. Offering strategies and solutions in an ongoing structure that provides more reduction in mortgage loans in the first 3 months with a client than the prior 12 months with the former 30 year model.
Graeme Holm Achieves His Success Through Client’s Success
The basis of their innovation was the observation that there was a lack of support and advice for customers. Graeme Holm found that by providing crucial assistance, families could form a budget system that they could adhere to. Infinity Group Australia is focused on the client first, tailoring a plan for success that keeps the goals of the big picture at the center of all financial decisions. Involving the customer in their own plans, decisions, and budgets along with consistent open dialogue has been the secret to Graeme and Rebecca Holm’s success. The result of the clients, multiple award nominations and achievements, in addition to stellar testimonials offers the confirmation that the business has achieved the goals that Graeme and Rebecca envisioned. Having a “Financial Fitness Trainer” provides much more successful than trying to tackle debt alone.

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