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Roseann Bennett Is A Renowned Family Therapist And Counselor

Every year there are thousands of people going to therapists and getting counsel in order to overcome situations in their life, whether it is about marriage, family, or something else entirely. Roseann Bennet has been working with married couples and is a specialist therapist that works with people from all different walks of life. Depression is one of the most common issues for individuals and even couples which Roseann deals with a lot in her career. Luckily, Roseann is one of the best in her field and is astute when it comes to pondering her patient’s problems and diving to the root of the problems.


Depression comes in all different forms and is an issue that has many wires attached to it. Many times, it is left undiagnosed as well, which means it goes untreated allowing the issue to become worse and more rooted in the individual. This is why Roseann does what she does, having a passion for helping others and bringing calmness and clarity to people’s lives. Caring and compassionate, Roseann Bennett’s a highly acclaimed therapist throughout the country that has helped thousands of people over the course of her career.


Roseann Bennett earned her degrees and finished her academics in Psychology more than 20 years ago but has worked as a professional therapist at her center for assessment and therapy for around a decade. She is a very vocal therapist and actively speaks about her field and the study of mental health. Roseann is very open-minded and is not afraid to be open about her perspectives or feelings on therapy or to her clients. Read This Article to learn more.


Bennet Co-Founded The Center for Assessment and Treatment in New Jersey, and currently runs as the Executive Director as well. Bennett’s mantra is focused on compassion and progression and she is dedicated to helping all people move forward in life.


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