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Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘The Mexican.’

Lawrence Bender is an American movie producer. He was born on October 17, 1957, in Bronx New York City. He was born to two parents. His father was a college professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. While Lawrence Bender was growing, he wished to be like his grandfather. His grandpa was his biggest inspiration. Lawrence Bender attended Chery Hill High School East. He later joined The University of Maine where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. His grandfather had also pursued a career in chemical engineering. After graduating, Lawrence Bender did not practice chemical engineering. He instead decided to become a dancer. He danced for some years before he incurred a serious injury that made him quit.

Today Lawrence is a celebrated entertainer. He has produced several movies that are aired on our televisions. Some of those movies include Kill Bill volume 1 and 2, Safe, Pulp Fiction, and Knock around guys among others. Lawrence Bender has received several awards for his great works. These awards include academy awards for the best picture, golden globe award, Independent spirit award among others. He has also been nominated for other awards for over 29 times. With much experience in the field of entertainment, Lawrence Bender was the lead producer of the movie ‘The Mexican’. The movie’s setup involves a priceless handgun given the title ‘the Mexican’. This handgun is desired by Margolese Gene Hackman.

Margolese is imprisoned because of some complicated issues. Jerry was somehow responsible, and for long he has been trying to work off his debt to stay alive. Since Jerry is indebted to Margolese, he is given two demands. Margolese requires him to travel to Mexico to get him the priceless handgun called ‘the Mexican’ or else; he will dance to Margolese music. The other ultimatum comes from his girlfriend Samantha who asks him to terminate connections with the mob. Jerry weighs options and decides it’s better to remain alive and at the same time stay at logger’s heads with Samantha.

He crosses the border to the South. Getting the pistol is easy but getting home is the hardest. The handgun is supposedly cursed by some ancient people. All this time, Jerry is confused on whether to carry the curse home. On the other side, his girlfriend is pressuring him to quit the gang.

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