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Why 2012 Was An Important Year For Equities First Holdings

The year 2012 was an important year for the United Kingdom and Equities First Holdings (EFH). It was the first year EFH offered equity-loans and financial advice to the people of the United Kingdom. The new market proved to be the move as the London office generated over 700 customer transactions. The global corporation of EFH can celebrate 15 years in business, because they have done numbers and offered a reliable product to its customers. They have announced they have generated nearly $1 billion, and the majority of that revenue come from equity loans.

The financial advice offered by EFH is provided by professionals that They have a formal education In Finance. They are willing to listen to the financial goals of client in to communicate back to them a plan of action. They will execute. EFH will ensure there is 2-way communication, which is helpful for both parties.

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