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EOS Lip Balm: An Enigma of Power

In early 2000s every tween, teen, and their mothers knew that lip balm was an essential pre-makeup tool to keep their lips looking luscious and perfect, but the world of lip balms was only catering to the medical side with Chapstick and Blistex taking over the bulk of the lip care franchise. Then came Burt’s Bees with their stance on making an all natural experience which was something to be admired, but there was still a significant lacking in our cosmetics bags. That’s when the glory of EOS lip balm came out of nowhere to offer up an understanding product that stripped the medical title of Chapstick and Blistex, and made a creative and lasting marvel that connected all the senses into one compact, soft, romantic orb. EOS took notice of something no other company was paying mind to, the pride of a woman who wanted to feel beautiful and relaxed in her daily lipcare rituals instead of just weighed down by the suffocating obligation of a rigid rule. EOS made lip balm fun for everyone for the first time and it cemented their rightful place in the lip balm industry! By taking a chance on not playing for gimmicks and worrying about selling their idea to a bunch of sharks, EOS invested in themselves and started popping up in Walgreens, Walmarts, and Targets everywhere. With something as simple as a ball of lip balm that catered to the unique qualities of the lip pots that female buyers world-over were engaged in, but cautious of because they seemed unhygienic, and the realization that tubes were too easily lost, EOS not only filled a gaping hole with these clever lip balm eggs, but they also managed to create an enigma; a simple orb of lip balm that has managed to empower women everywhere.

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