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Boost Your Brain With Neurocore

The brain is undoubtedly the most important part of a human’s body. Neurocore, provides data-driven, brain-related diagnostics to both children and adults which consequently improve their concentration, manage stress and boost their sleep. The brain produces electrical waves around the clock, it is because of this that human beings are able to move, think, and even react to situations. It is estimated that on any given day, the brain of a normal person processes between 50,000 and 70, 000 thoughts. See more information about Neurocore at

The brain influences a lot of symptoms that affect human beings. These symptoms include among others: anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, depression et cetera. Just like machines, the brain may at some point misfire causing physical, emotional, social and behavioral problems. This can however be dealt with thanks to neuroplasticity, which refers to brain’s ability to change. Through an effective training, the human’s brain can be put to good use.

At Neurocore, the brain is the center of focus and efforts are always put to ensure that its functions are maximized. When effective training is subjected to the brain, it can always become stronger. The company has been in the forefront in assisting athletes to harness their talent and improve their skills on the pitch.


NBA franchise, Portland Trail Blazers have this season teamed up with Neurocore in an effort to boost the players’ health, concentration and recovery through training the brain. The players are made to watch DVDs with a Neurocore device strapped to their heads. This device monitors the electoral activity of the brain. Whenever the athlete’s mind starts to go astray, the DVD stops immediately forcing the subject to regain concentration.

According to Tim Royer, the founder of Neurocore, this 30-minute session provides numerous reinforcements to the brain. As a result the both the body and the brain can refocus at higher levels. Neurocore enables athletes to no just be strong athletically but also mentally.

Although scientists have been using neurofeedback in the past, Neurocore has greatly helped in revolutionizing this technology. Founded in 2004 by Tim Royer, the company has successfully provided brain training to children and adults across the country. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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