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Caregivers Have New Opportunities At Sussex Healthcare Facilities

Sussex Healthcare has many healthcare facilities spread out across the UK. First starting in 1985, Sussex has managed to build a strong reputation throughout the entire region for their hospitality and excellent care for the elderly. Today, Sussex maintains more than a dozen different facilities around the United Kingdom and is still adding more every few years. Due to the steady rate of growth at Sussex, they are also hiring for a lot of different positions, providing many job opportunities to good caregivers throughout the UK. Read more on

Amanda Morgan-Tailor is the CEO at Sussex Healthcare, a position she just took up back in 2017. So far, Amanda has started making changes at the company for 2018 and moving forward, to bring Sussex Healthcare towards a brighter future as a company and for the people of Sussex

. Amanda is a highly qualified individual, with more than two decades of experience working in healthcare. Her experience and valuable philosophies for maintaining a good business are sure to take Sussex to the next level of assisted living.

There are many benefits associated with Sussex Healthcare facilities, for both residents and caregivers. Sussex offers very good benefits for their employees, including paid vacation, bonuses, discounts, and mentoring programs. Sussex Healthcare believes that professionals who are dedicated to their work and care for others should be privileged to good benefits. It takes a passion for helping others in order to really excel in the healthcare industry, which is what Sussex is aiming to achieve with all their caregivers. Currently, Sussex is on a mission to hire as many professional caregivers as they care and they are hiring in virtually all positions at their facilities. This includes nurses, drivers, kitchen assistants, cooks, managers, and more, which are available at facilities in Billings Hurst, Crawley, Uckfield, and East Grinstead. Visit


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