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Financial and Investment Contributions made by Randal Nardone in Fortress Investment Group

In 2014, the Fortress Investment Group was named as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. The award indicated that the group has over the years been committed and innovative in addressing the investment needs of diverse clients. Factors such as the professionalism of the team, organizational culture and innovation are credited for the consistent growth and expansion of the group. The Fortress Investment Group was created in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Robb Kaufman, Wes Edens and Peter Briger. The principal founders have had successful careers in the financial markets. They thus use their skills in areas such as credit funds, liquid markets and assets management to oversee the smooth running of the organization.

The Fortress Investment Group was featured in the NYSE in 2007. The move allowed the group to offer more than 8% of its shares to the public by 2009. In 2017, it was acquired by the Softbank Group Corp thus putting it on a global stance. However, the merger did not disrupt the structures and administration of the team {Peter Briger}. On the contrary, it remained as an independent venture under the parent company. It manages the assets of numerous public traded companies such as New Media Investments Group Inc, EuroCastle investment Limited, New Residential Investment Corp and New Senior Investment Group. Randal Nardone has helped propel the organization into competitive markets such as energy and real estate sectors.

Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is ranked in the 557th position of the Forbes Billionaire list {Peter Briger}. Most of his wealth and resources come from the shares in the Fortress Investment Group. Randal shares in the Fortress Investment Group are valued at more than 1.6 billion dollars. He attended the Boston University where he studied English and Biology. In later years, he moved to the University of Conncercuct and pursued law. After graduating, he worked in different organizations such as Thatcher and Proffitt law firm, BlackRock Financial Management Inc and UBS. Other than his services in the Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is also the director of the EuroCastle Investment Limited {Peter Briger}. Peter Briger’s leadership skills have been instrumental in creating a positive organizational culture and ensuring that the group remains competitive.

Get insights from Alex Hern, a Great Entrepreneur

Virtual reality has been around for a few years now, and many companies are now beginning to embrace the technology. The technology is starting, and it is expected to change business operations for the better. Though it has not yet been implemented in the real world, there are great things expected to come. The best entrepreneurs are thinking about the technology because it is going to be a breakthrough. One of those who have been involved in the development of virtual reality is Alex Hern. One of his companies known as Tsunami VR is dedicated to providing services to the global companies. He has developed applications that are interactive and immersive to customers.

The technology used analyzes data and also provides services for complicated products. Tsunami VR is a company that is dedicated to providing virtual reality services to various companies like the construction industry, manufacturing industry, automotive industry, energy industry, healthcare industry and aerospace industry. Today it is working with an energy company with the aim of testing the company’s ability to offer services in a real world. The employees were using HoloLens headset, and they were to change a component of a pneumatic drill. It is a job that lasted for about two hours for the employees in a normal situation. But with the help from Tsunami VR, the time significantly reduced, and they completed it with fifteen minutes only.

The entrepreneurial journey of Alex Hern started many years ago when he was interested in technology. He set himself out to build companies, and it has been successful. He has started many companies which have been a success. He has also helped many startups to achieve their goals. Some of the companies he has co-founded include Inktomi and Yesmail. He has also founded and Triton among other startups and companies that have been helpful to investors. He has sold these companies at a profit. Alec is one of the co-founders of Tsunami VR because he believes the virtual reality technology is taking over businesses. He also thinks that there is going to be the development of modern apps and platforms soon. That is why he has founded the company.

Paul Mamphilly- Dedicated To Helping Investors

Although there are news reports about the stock market every day, it is surprising that over slightly 1/3 of Americans venture in stocks. Because almost 2/3 of the population prefer to save their money in their saving accounts, which pays low-interest rates, there are some people who are becoming interested in several investment alternatives. Nevertheless, the risk is a huge factor standing in the way for lots of prospective investors. Also, a great majority of investors hardly know the best ways of investing in stock. That why Paul Mampilly, an established and experienced financial guru, shares his wisdom with potential investors interested in learning the best stocks to invest in.

Paul Mamphilly insists that new investors must focus on technology as well as innovative trends to succeed. For example, according to him, people who bought shares in various cell phone manufacturing firms a couple of years ago are now getting incredible profits. The investor predicts that the Americas will eventually start purchasing electric cars unlike before when they were purchasing traditional cars which run on gasoline.

Paul Mampilly notes that people are increasingly getting disappointed with the huge expenses entailed in owning traditional or old-fashioned automobiles. He advises people to invest in electric vehicle stocks since these stocks will provide lucrative opportunities in the future. Last year, the investment expert authored a newsletter encouraging his readers to venture into the precision medicine. Paul Mampilly foresaw a situation whereby precision medicine will explode unexpectedly. In his newsletter, the investment expert informs his readers that by investing in the precision medicine industry, they can potentially earn over $100,000. One thing that has made investors have confidence in him is due to his smart investment record. He invested in Amazon when the online retail was new, and several people were skeptical of it. Besides his investment track record, the financial guru has also worked for several years as a professional hedge manager. While working at Kinetics Asset Management Fund, he was responsible for managing the firm’s $ 6 billion.


Paul Mampilly is an investor who is devoted to helping investors become successful and master the invaluable craft of investing. He shares plenty of investment tips with newbies and seasoned investors to assist them in accomplishing their investment goals.

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Investment Advice From Christopher Linkas

Christopher Linkas has worked in investment ever since he first graduated college in 1991. After college, things were not sail so smoothly due to a loan crisis and a recession, but the young man was able to pave out a path for himself. Oddly, the recession actually helped the young man to better about investments and creating financial stability for himself. He found work at a consulting firm. He moved up to credit and investment work. He ended up running a New York based real estate investment company.


Working heavily in real estate investment, caused Christopher Linkas to come across a lot of commercial property deals. He eventually grew a liking to this type of work. He prefers commercial investments over traditional ones like the stock market. He liked commercial real estate investments because when investors placed their money into these type of investments along with stocks and bonds, the investor was better equipped for the fluctuating wave of the market.


Christopher Linkas has good advice for investors. He recommends commercial real estate investment for all investors to add to their portfolio. Although this type of investment is a bit safer, fluctuations cannot be entirely ruled out. He urges investors to understand that different types of properties fluctuate differently on the market. Some types of properties are in demand seasonally and some year-around. This timing of the year does factor in on the rising or lowering of value for an investment property. He urges investors to learn of the three types of risk: low, moderate and high.


Christopher Linkas’s experience has caused him to be a sought after investment advisor. Currently, he is heading the credit division of a corporation in Europe. His company holds several real estate properties due to his commercial investment leadership. He hopes to bring more new opportunities to the company on a global level.


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