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Mob in Caracas sets thief on fire

An angry mob of people in Caracas, Venezuela took matters into their own hands recently when they grabbed a man they say was robbing people. They beat the man up and tried to burn him up. He is in the hospital now, after getting serious burns over 70 percent of his body, according to a story in London’s Daily Mail.

There are a few version of the story, but one version from Luque has him trying to rob someone as they exited a bank. The would be mugger has been identified as Roberto Fuentes Bernal, who is 42.

The scene was filmed by witnesses as several people watched him burning in the street but did not offer any help for awhile. He was also accused of trying to rob several people in the area. When police did not arrive to investigate the matter, people took matters into their own hands.

Pictures from the event, taken by people watching, show Bernal laying on the street with a bloody head. One person poured a clear liquid over Bernal, and another man lit it on fire with a match or lighter. He is engulfed in flames immediately. The fire eventually fades, and Bernal is seen trying to stand up, and the crowd disperses.



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