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Making the Move From Media to Charity: Victoria Doramus Does it All

She has a trained eye that identifies trends in all industries, Victoria Doramus is a unique individual whose skills are always at the forefront of change. Her job title says it says it all, “trends specialist.” Doramus performs research in order to identify upcoming trends then documents her proof. Finally, she provides the results to companies to help them develop their marketing plans. From a business standpoint, what she does is priceless as all companies want to stay ahead of the trends rather than playing catch up. This is no simple task, trends are constantly changing as well as consumer demands.

Victoria Doramus has worked in the media industry for many years gaining valuable insight and experience about how consumers respond to communications. She received her education at the University of Boulder where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in mass communication and journalism. She went on to work as a media planner, group coordinator, writer, personal assistant, and freelancer. Every single role helped her learn more about the media sector, hone her skills, and gain experience.

There are so many worthy causes in the world and Victoria Doramus felt led to bring her unique skill set to the charity sector. She has volunteered at several organizations including the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read, and the Women’s Prison Association. Victoria Doramus continues to focus on helping charitable organizations find innovative solutions to finding the funding and aid they need to continue their positive journey of helping those in need whether it be recovering addicts or furry friends.

The Professional Journey Of Arthur Becker

Before becoming the managing director of Madison Partners, an investment company dealing with real estate and bio tech, Arthur Becker had initially ventured in biotech and real estate. First, he was invested in biotech and owned a tech company called Navi Site for ten years before selling it in 2011.Initially, Arthur was fascinated by the dynamic change in the bio tech world and how it impacted people. Navi Site offered internet technological services to businesses globally. After selling his company, he then decided to explore his real estate interest and purchased several housing developments in New York, Florida, and Miami. He currently owns several town houses in New York on Sullivan Street and an apartment in Tribeca. Visit Ideamensch to know more.

Throughout his career, Arthur has worked various jobs. Starting off at Parks Department at 16, he worked hard, and after college, he established a company dealing with disassembling of housings of the 18th Century. His venture in bio tech field has adequately equipped him in the technological field. Arthur stands for vision and identifying of different talents and skills. He is very passionate about his work and employs rational thinking before making any decisions. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Arthur Becker attended Bennington College graduating with a degree in Fine Arts and later attended business school at Tuck School of Business. With his specialty in photography and ceramics, he made photographic images and paintings with texture and visual artifacts in the 1990s. His artistic work is shown in New York at Hal Katzen, Morgan Walter Fine Art and in Florida at Art Basel and Arcature Fine Art. He currently deals with aspects of currency and its relationship with people.

Arthur was always driven by hi personal experiences in innovating his projects, in 2000 he became a successful stock broker after purchasing some tech companies. He owned a tech company which he sold to Time Warner in 2010. After the sale, Arthur formed a publishing platform, Zinio LLC, and became its executive officer and a board member. He decided to explore in real estate and partnered with development initiatives like the Billionaires’’ Row development and Madison Equities at III West 57th Street and 10 Sullivan Street respectively.

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Dare to Dream and Then Make Them come True

Anyone can make their dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to try because you won’t succeed if you don’t. So is the advice of many who have found their own success and happiness and it’s also the advice of many popular business men and women today, including Lime Crime founder Doe Deere.
Deere has always been a lover of color, bold statements and helping others make a splash and explore their own individuality. Her success story is just one example of how you really can accomplish anything. Her interesting life can serve as inspiration for everyone.

Today she makes her home in Los Angeles, but Deere was born and raised in Russia. The make-up mogul moved to the US when she was just 17 years old. While she was growing up she dreamed of being a musician and then, deciding early to follow her dreams, she trained as one. Even now she says her musical ability helped her in her career as a business owner.

She says that could be part of the success of her cosmetic line as well. For more information, You can follow her on Twitter

Now a make-up mogul, Doe Deere says she knew she had a good sense of marketing and business when she started her first business she was a 13-year-old, and made money selling temporary tattoos. Which is why she says her advice to anyone is to go ahead and follow your dreams. She says everyone has a special quality and talent and something to offer the rest of the world that is all their own. Just embrace that and use it to forge your own path.

Deere’s makeup line is full of blues and greens and other bright colors and she says the makeup is just one way that females can express themselves. The line sells well and Deere is thrilled to see how much other girls are confident when it comes to making a splash and embracing the bold statements of the eye shadows, lip colors and other products from Lime Crime.

Visual Search Technology Revolutionizing Retail Thanks To Slyce Inc.

On the financial front of the Slyce Inc. company there have been several changes that have taken place. For further information on the subject matter please visit the Yahoo Finance website which offers greater detail on the changes that were made.

These changes made on the financial front took place on the 10th of February 2016 and had a significant impact on financial markers looking ahead in 2016. The short-form prospectus offering was aborted by Slyce Inc and a private placement financing took its place. This private placement financing was up to $7 million due to an agreement that was made between Slyce and the lead investor which had them subscribe for up to $5 million worth of units of the Slyce company. This was later followed up by the lead investor subscribing to an aggregate of $1.6 million in unsecured promissory notes which were bearing a 6 percent interest. These notes had been converted as a subscription for units in accordance to those terms set by the Private Placement. This trend continued as the lead investor subscribed for an additional $1.9 million in further units of the company on the 29th of February 2016. This brings the total lead investor aggregate to a large $3.5 million worth of subscriptions units within the company. This however did not cause Slyce Inc to stop the sales of subscriptions rather they are accepting further subscriptions by their lead investors as well as other parties involved until the conclusion of the financial year.

The Slyce Inc. visual search technology is ahead of the curve and is the future when it comes to retail and searching platforms. Many very profitable retail outlets have already signed up to implement this technology within their existing platforms. Allowing them to boost their sales and outreach to more customers in the future. Customers favour those companies who continually innovate and look to the future.

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