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Needing the Benefits of Securus

Securus continues to be one of the top prison communication systems in the world. This is why so many people have been making use of it for themselves with an amazing success and is thrilled with the results they are able to achieve so much. I have been using Securus for my own needs for many years now and continue to find it to be one of the top companies in the nation. Because of the fact that secures is one of the best out there, it is definitely an option for many people and has been a great source of communication for prison families all over the world.


This is definitely a company that you can make yourself for yourself and it is one that you will find to be beneficial in more ways than just one. There are lots of people who are currently using Securus and it is great that they can keep in touch with a loved one who is behind bars. Behind Bars can be more than a little difficult and it is definitely a problem for so many people when it comes to keeping in touch with them on a routine basis.


Once you make the decision to begin using Securus for yourself, it is definitely a great option for you and can change the way you and your loved one communicate while they are in prison. This is a wonderful option for many people and can definitely be something that you look into for yourself if you have been struggling to keep in touch with somebody who was in prison just because you cannot make those long trips to the actual location. This is a great option for many people and can be just what you need as well if you have been trying to change the way you communicate with your loved one in prison.


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FreedomPop is on the Move Again

That Californian born company FreedomPop is on the move, again. After expanding to the U.K. not even a full year ago, recently this mobile carrier or MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) continued that expansion in their quest to conquer the world by bringing their service to Spain. There is more. VentureBeat released a report not too long ago announcing that FreedomPop and the messaging app WhatsApp have shaken hands.

FreedomPop is offering zero-rated access to this application and despite only offering the completely free service of WhatsApp in Spain at the present time, it appears to only be a matter of time before this becomes available on a much larger scale.

For those unfamiliar with FreedomPop, they offer their free roaming in 31 countries and show no signs of slowing this quest for global expansion. The core of their model is to offer free minutes, texting and data with the intention of having customers pay for bigger and better packages once their service is experienced.

Noteworthy is that FreedomPop is the first carrier to support WhatsApp minus the monster Facebook engine pushing it. If this model works (in Spain) then the possibilities for FreedomPop and the impact on WhatsApp could be limitless. Stay tuned, FreedomPop is on the move and more regarding this latest activity can be found here,

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FreedomPop Review: It’s Not a Scam, It’s Changing Mobile Broadband for the Better

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