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Thor Halvorssen Wants To Bring In As Many Good People To The Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen has run the Human Rights Foundation for some time, and he has a large board of directors that he has chosen to support the mission of the organization. The Human Rights Foundation is a large nonprofit run out of New York, but it has offices around the world that are supporting their mission.

They want to be sure that they have reached out to the people around the world who are most in danger, and they also want to see what can be done about specific geopolitical situations around the world.

Geopolitical issues around the world can become very difficult to manage because there are people who simply do not want to negotiate. According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen stands in the middle of these situations working with both sides to make sure there is a safe solution. He knows that countries often do not go to war so much as they become too insular.

The insular nature of these countries can cause their people to suffer, and Thor Halvorssen wants to be sure he is avoiding such suffering. He got his start long ago as a government official in Venezuela who found corruption that he stopped. He was disillusioned with the way government operate, and he wanted to start an NGO that would help anyone.

The NGO known as the Human Rights Foundation has people working with it around the world, and it also has a lot of people donating to the cause. Thor Halvorssen is able to aid human rights efforts around the world under the flag of an NGO, and he will reach peoples who are not receiving assistance any other way. It is very important for people to feel safe worldwide, and the Human Rights Foundation does a very good job under their leader in helping the helpless.

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