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Coworking Space Has Renaissance in New York City


As more and more individuals and companies of all sizes are discovering the tremendous benefits of working in a shared office space, most people think that this concept of the coworking space is innovative and brand new.

Coworking actually began during the European Renaissance, in the “bottegas,” the workshops of the masters, like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, where artists, architects, writers, composers and scientists all came together to think, share, communicate and cooperate.  It was in these bottegas that the great masterpieces of the Renaissance were conceived and brought to life.

Now, that same powerful synergistic community that stimulated creativity and success in the coworking spaces of the 15th century workshops has inspired the modern day renaissance of the shared office space. Affordable, fully furnished and equipped coworking spaces are popping up in all the major cities from Los Angeles to London. One company in New York City, Workville NYC, provides everything you need for your business in an atmosphere conducive to success.

Workville NYC is a shared office space where people and ideas can coexist and blossom into brilliant work. Located right in the heart of Manhattan, steps away from Times Square and Bryant Park, Workville provides a modern, light and airy space high up on the 21st floor of the prestige office building at 1412 Broadway.

This sun drenched office space combines the luxury of a 5-star hotel with the convenience and economy of a coworking space and even sports a spectacular terrace with views of the sunsets.

In the tradition of the Renaissance workshop, you’ll find whatever modern services you need to make your business successful, internet, phone, fax, mail and printing are all available to you at Workville NYC. Whether you need a desk, a suite or a conference room, you’ll find the space you need at a price you can afford. There is even an in-house café at your disposal. Have a cup of coffee with a potential client or host a major event, anything and everything is possible at Workville NYC, where brilliant work happens.

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