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Success of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is an American exclusive holding organization of meat processors that administrator the retail and service of meats and other foods. Their Headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Prior to OSI the company’s name was Otto and sons and was established by a German migrant called Otto Kolschowsky. Having been productive in providing meat to local people, the little company opened new branches in the nearby regions. But it wasn’t till 1975 when the company changed its name to OSI Food Solutions also Becoming the core supplier to McDonald’s at the same time. When McDonald’s began growing globally so did OSI.

OSI has made it onto the rundown of America’s Best 100 food Organizations. lately, they have obtained various companies and facilities. These companies such as Baho food who functions facilities in Germany and Flagship Europe. They have also bought a 20,000 sq. ft distribution center and meat handling facility in Chicago that was once possessed by Tyson food plant and is close to OSI’s current Chicago area. The new place will help give the foundation to business development. The purchase cost of this retail was 7.4 million dollars.

OSI Food Solutions are known as one of the biggest meat providers for the western food organizations working in Asia and especially in China. A portion of these businesses that they supply meat to includes Pizza Hut, subways, and Papa John’s. Because of the great administrations that this company has been putting forth, it has gotten awards.

Sheldon Lavin is the Owner of OSI Food Solutions and prior has had a career in finance. Utilizing business astuteness, he diverted OSI from a national organization to a worldwide organization with 60 areas in 60 nations. As of now, the company has about 20,000 individuals working all over the globe and the company has an income of $6.1 Billion and chiefly focuses on tobacco, beverages, and various types of foods.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Latest OSI Group Plant Opening

Sheldon Lavin has been leading the opening of new meat processing plants for years, and even today he is still making new proposals happen at OSI Group. The latest plant he helped open was a large one located at GenOSI in the Philippines which replaced an older one that had been there since 1990. This new plant puts out over 25,000 metric tons of meat and has upgraded much of its processing infrastructure. The CEO of GenOSI, Fred Uytengsu was delighted at the speed at which the plant was finished and thanked Lavin for the funding and support he provided. Lavin also remarked that this new plant would greatly strengthen OSI’s presence in the region.

Sheldon Lavin’s most important work has been taking a company from small operations to international sales, and he knew the company before it was renamed to OSI Group. It was previously named Otto & Sons as a family name to Otto Kolschowsky who founded the company as a meat supply store and whose sons had now taken over. They were in need of financial assistance because they were now partners with McDonald’s and it meant opening big plants so the bulk meat orders could be met.

Sheldon Lavin was the perfect person to help Otto & Sons get a loan because he had a background as a funds manager at an investment bank. He was now running a consultant business and knew how to win over loan officers to get the loan. He even was asked by the bank if he would consider getting an ownership stake in Otto & Sons which at that time he said he wouldn’t. But he did promise to come to the company to do more financial work and help it grow with McDonald’s.

Sheldon Lavin helped raise more funds to open plants in Iowa, Wisconsin, California and then over in Germany. By the 1980s Otto & Sons had become renamed to OSI Group. The company continued growing and Lavin then accepted the offer to buy the ownership stakes because he was told he could follow his own vision to grow the company. And that’s just what he did bringing it into 17 countries and now owning 55 plants. Lavin also is a philanthropist who serves as president of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Global Vision Academy honored Sheldon Lavin for his leadership and charity with their Global Visionary award.


The Food Business by Sheldon Lavin

He is the current Chief executive Officer for OSI group located in Chicago, USA, a major food retailer. Over the years, he has transformed the food retailer into a recognized dealer in the world. As early as the 1970’s, the food business had begun to take shape with major local outlets looking for reliable suppliers of meat.

Consistency was a key factor in obtaining and delivering produce. As the successor of Otto and Sons , OSI has undergone tremendous changes. They range form rebranding the company to senior positions reshuffle. Sheldon Lavin having a clean track record in the money market came onboard and transformed the organization.

He has streamlined the management bringing favorable impacts to the company. As part of the results, the company has opened branches in other countries. They include Japan and South Africa. Lavin has shaped the company to international recognition and standards.

He has personally been honored with the Global Visionary Award in the year 2016. Due to his leadership, there have been various programs aimed at giving back to the community such as scholarships and findings of various projects. This has made the organization to receive awards from the business community and other stakeholders.

Through his efforts partnerships with other companies have been created. E.g. with major food processors such as the McDonalds resulting in a relationship that has lasted for a very long time. The reason for his achievements can be attributed to a strong banking experience.

He has degree in finance that led him to venture into the consultation industry. He brought these skills to a domain that needed cost efficiency and acceptable customer satisfaction.

Sheldon introduced a reality in the industry by nurturing excellence in the private sector. He advocated for expansion of branches to improve delivery. The processing plants received upgrades to cope with the growing demand for the food products.

The firm has benefited a lot through his strategic planning and human resource management. The welfare of the employees has been a top priority, which has translated directly to boost morale in work performance. Sheldon has been an inspiration to OSI.

OSI has in a recent past received an award for Food Solution United Kingdom from the British Safety Counsel. Gaining international reputation has seen the company invest in research and development of its products. With the leadership of a goal-oriented CEO, the future will be sustainable in the food industry.

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OSI Growth Expands its Markets through Joint Ventures

OSI Group has a rich history and has a significant role in the food industry in the world. The Group produces various goods ranging from vegetables to beef to sandwiches, chicken, sauces, and pizza. It has its headquarters in a city in Illinois known as Aurora. The top leaders at OSI Group are David McDonald, the chief operating officer and president and Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer. The two senior leaders have seen the company grow to the extensive food processing and distributing company it is currently.

Some eco-friendly facilities enabled the Group to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications in 2014 and 2015. OSI Ostroda and Henan Best Foods have been certified because they achieved environmentally friendly operations. OSI Group later in 2016 established a new joint business in Germany. The company began cooperating with Edeka, a grocery store chain. It has become the largest supermarket in Germany. OSI Group created a development and research center in eastern China. It has also maintained similar plants in the US and Germany, which allows its employees to come up with personalized products.


OSI Group made a joint venture with GenOSI in the Philippines, which has continued to benefit the food processing company. It established a new processing plant in May 2017. The new facility deals with beef, chicken, and fish to eateries and food service companies. The plant has the capability of producing close to 51 million pounds annually. Fred Uytengsu, GenOSI’s president, praised the lasting partnership with OSI, while Sheldon Laving referred to the plant as a world-class facility.

Eastern Europe

OSI Group began constructing a new facility in 2012 in Poland. It had plans for replacing a nearby plant that started processing beef close to 20 years earlier. Their clients in Sweden, Slovakia, Poland, Finland, the Baltic States, and the Czech Republic are now ordering hamburgers from the new facility in Ostroda. The construction has a cost of over $30 million, and it has a maximum output of 25,000 tons. OSI also expanded presence in Hungary before 2012 ended by opening a chicken processing plant. The Group spent about $25 million to develop production and storage areas. The plant enlarged the Group’s capacity by 15,000 tons annually.


OSI Group has a significant presence in South Asia. It started its cooperation with Vista Processed Foods in 1995, a well-known supplier in India. It also opened a new facility in March 2012 to deal with the processing of frozen vegetables. The Madanapalle plant serves fast-food outlets and Indian stores. It also opened such a facility seven months later in Punjab, which supplies frozen and fresh vegetables serving India and clients in Middle Eastern countries.

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Impressionable facts about OSI Group

OSI Group started in a humble background as a butcher shop and a meat distribution market. The firm was owned by Otto Kolschowsky, and his sons helped him manage it afterward. OSI group has currently grown to be one of the most prestigious companies in both the United States and many other countries. It has launched a significant number of branches in a vast number of countries, and through its fresh meat supplies, OSI group has attracted many customers both globally and internationally. Besides, OSI Group has a great team of workers who focus on sustainability and provision of high-quality products to keep growing the firm.

On the other hand, the management team of the company has profoundly contributed to the growth of the company through the vast number of partnerships it has ventured with other prestigious companies across the globe. OSI Group`s collaboration with Pickstock in the United Kingdom is one of the major collaborations that the firm has ever engaged in because it gave OSI Group an excellent opportunity to expand its operations in many areas of Europe besides expanding the Pickstock company. Besides, OSI Group also partnered with Select Ready Foods in Edmonto, Canada, through which it gained a momentum in establishing more ventures in the country to supply meat products.

The large establishment of the company has employed many jobless individuals around the globe, and as a result, people have successfully established themselves besides improving their living standards. The various firms that OSI Group has acquired have also seen it increase its production to cater for the needs of its large number of customers. For more info about us: click here.

The company’s highly skilled team of employees have seen it move hand in hand with the changing market trends and through the use of the modern technology, it has provided rare commodities to its customers for a vast number of decades. Besides, the firm has maintained a significant number of its clients due to its reliable services and provision of high-quality products. OSI Group seeks to keep expanding its operations in a broad number of countries to ensure that a broad number of people benefit from their services.

OSI Riverside Plant Earns Prestigious Green Initiative Award

An OSI Group processing facility in Riverside, California, has received a prestigious award recognizing excellence in achieving environmentally friendly plant operations that both conserve resources and reduce pollution to a minimum.

Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey presented the coveted California Green Business certificate to the OSI Riverside team based on a number of green initiatives accomplished by workers and management. That includes installing a T-8 efficient lighting system, an energy-saving steam re-circulation process, use of highly efficient motors, a high-efficiency boiler system and a state-of-the-art waste water reduction operation.

The Riverside plant went the extra mile by promoting an employee ride-sharing program encouraging the use of public transportation and carpooling. Furthermore, the OSI plant became a “zero waste-to-landfill” facility, and is part of the City of Riverside’s Adopt-a-Street Program.

OSI Riverside plant officials say their operation also participates in regular third-party energy conservation audits – a powerful demonstration of commitment to “going green.”

The OSI Riverside facility handles vegetables and fresh salsa. Plant Manager JD Franklin said his operation’s intense dedication to green initiatives sets it aside from most competitors in the food processing industry.

As of 2016, the state of California listed 3,383 businesses certified as “Green” under the criteria is has established to rate environmental track records and operations. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the California Green Business Program has saved participating businesses an estimated $33,000,000 per year.

The OSI Group is among the world’s largest privately-owned food processing companies with 65 facilities in 17 countries around the world. It was ranked #58 on Forbes’ list of largest companies and has revenues of more than $6 billion annually.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It was established in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky two years after his arrival in the U.S.

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