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Political Ideologies Mean Little To Thor Halvorssen

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has been working his way through a list of dictatorships and tyrants he feels should be subject to the full power of international law for the abuses they have committed against their citizens. In his drive to find justice for all people Thor Halvorssen has made it clear to the tyrants and dictators of the world that he feels any political outlook should not be seen as an easy way for a dictator to be seen as escaping the wrath of the human rights activism community.

To many Thor Halvorssen has been a political enigma because of his willingness to address the concerns he has over socialist governments who commit human rights abuses against their citizens; Halvorssen has been a major force in publicizing the many abuses committed by government officials in Cuba and in particular in Venezuela. Over the course of recent years Thor Halvorssen has been described as occupying different political positions, but for the Venezuelan founder of the Human Rights Foundation his political view is that of a classical liberal who is even situated close to socialists on the political spectrum.

Thor Halvorssen believes his own political outlook is unimportant when compared to the problems facing citizens of different nations around the world, which is why he has shown such little interest in how the people who work with him at the Human Rights Foundation feel about politics. The film producer responsible for a number of the best received documentaries of recent years believes the ability of those around him to do their jobs and the drive they have to protect others from human rights abuses is more important than surrounding himself with individuals who share his political views. As a financial backer of one of the most historic socialist newspapers in Europe Thor Halvorssen has little to prove to those within the human rights community, but feels dictators of all ideologies should be pursued by his foundation.

Keith and Keely Mann Impact lives

Rather you choose to believe it or not children are our future. The children are the ones that will be our next lawyers, our next teachers, our next firemen, our next presidents and leaders. Because we recognize that they are our future it is very important that we do all we can to invest in them. Investing in them doesn’t mean just putting money into their pockets. Investing in them meas investing into their future and making sure their futures are secured for many generations to come. It’s almost as if it’s a way to pay it forward.

Recently future leaders from across America began to rejoice when it was announced that Keith and Keely Mann would be teaming up with Uncommon Schools to give away their very first scholarship. In order to be eligible for this awesome opportunity you must write an essay about how receiving this scholarship will aid you as you journey to pursue your career.

Keith Mann is no stranger to the business or education world. For years Keith has been heavy hitters in the executive search world ad have used their platform to send several students to college as they seek to explore great opportunities. This is a dream come true for many students have been longing for the opportunity to go to college or dream of having amazing careers but felt a lack of financial resources were holding them back. the sky is now the limit and there’s no stopping these Uncommon School students now.


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