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End Citizens United: Stopping The Big Money Politics

The midterm elections in the United States will be held later in the year 2018, and since the beginning of the campaign period, political groups left, and right are voicing out their concerns regarding the candidates for the election. One of these groups is the End Citizens United, a political action committee boasting to be the most active in the United States. Estimates are stating that millions of Americans became members of this group since it was formed in 2015. The group was created as an answer to the group Citizens United, formed earlier which has won a landmark case against the Federal Electoral Council. Since their establishment in 2015, End Citizens United is fighting off Citizens United, and they are facing off against the influential politicians who are running the American government.

One of their newest exposes involved several politicians in what the group referred to as the “Big Money Politics.” They have been persuading their three million members not to vote for these politicians and urging them to preach the same information to their family and friends. According to End Citizens United, elections in the United States have changed, and the greed of money now drives it. They wanted to bring back the transparency in the American elections, and they are appealing to the public to keep an eye on these politicians who are using their influence and money to win a post in the government. End Citizens United also accused big corporations of manipulating the elections and wanted the public to take action. Tiffany Muller, serving as the executive director of group, is saying that they would not expect the government to help them regarding this issue because they are corrupt. She also name-dropped some politicians who are accused of being involved in Big Money Politics, calling them the Big Money 20.

According to Tiffany Muller, these politicians should not be given any chance to serve the country, because they are loyal only to a group of wealthy families. She appealed to everyone not to waste their votes on these politicians because they will only destroy the United States slowly from within. The list released by Tiffany Muller includes two senators, one house speaker, and 17 representatives, who all hailed from the Republican Party. End Citizens United has been mobilizing their group to receive donations and funds from their members. As of now, the group managed to raise $30 million, and they warned the Big Money 20 that they would be using the money they received to ensure that they will lose the 2018 midterm elections.

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