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The Role of Keywords in Writing a Quality SEO Article

The importance and relevance of employing the use of Keywords while writing an SEO article need not be over emphasized. Search Engine oriented articles have in the recent past been used an effective tool of advertisements. This is as a result of the recent spike in internet users with the society embracing the internet as an effective tool of passing valuable information.
SEO’s have in the past used Keywords as an effective means of guaranteeing a higher position in the SERP’s. In the past SEO authors used a rather unscrupulous mode of writing. Most writers preferred flooding articles with keywords in a bid to gain prominence through internet clicks.
However, this is not the case in the present reality. With SEO authors departing from the traditional mode of writing. This is as a result of Search engine developers seeking to address concerns raised by searchers with regards to the quality and relevance of information provided to internet users.
This has resulted to SEO authors embracing a different approach while writing the articles in a bid to conform to the demands and requirements dictated by internet users. Some authors choose to hold onto the traditional method with the most common method seen when reviewing titles and Meta descriptions, which is commonly referred to as word stuffing.
The most recent and accepted way of writing an SEO article is more descriptive and definite. In writing a quality SEO article under this model, SEO authors should lay emphasis on the use of Keywords. Keywords have not lost their glory, in essence keywords should be used with the intention of addressing the web searchers.
Under the new model keywords ought to be used in the page title, this is because keywords inform web searches as well as search engines on what a page is about, Keywords should also be used in the headline while maintaining relevance on the subject. The Meta description, is also an important part of an SEO, it does not guarantee clicks bit plays an important role in describing what a page is about. A quality article should also include an image that contains keywords. It is however important for White Shark Media to proof read their articles to ensure that they do not use too many keywords.
The process of choosing keywords to use in an article can prove to be very daunting. It requires intensive research in an attempt to get valuable insights as well as maintain relevance to the subject the article seeks to address. After the research it is important for an article author to design a catchy title that contains the keywords. In designing the keyword, authors can choose to use synonyms that are accepted by search engines.
Search engines have become smarter and it is therefore important for all SEO authors to embrace these changes to effectively direct potential searchers to their site.


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