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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo – Passion for News

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo holds more than 77 unique leadership traits that most professionals would kill to have. These include management, web content, web programming, web development, WordPress, writing, employee training, relationship management, recruiting, SEO, social media management, social media networking, risk management, assessment, project management, online marketing, newsletters, negotiation tactics, media planning, market research, Microsoft Office skills, information technology and human resources, hospitality, executive planning, editing, digital media strategies, digital marketing, database administration, data analytics, communication, business storytelling and even blogging. In addition, he has worked, for more than seven years, as the Editor-in-Chief for Grupo Televisa. He also oversees certain special projects divisions and works with multiple interior strategies as a whole.

As the company’s Director for General Economic Analysis, he is likewise diversified in all fields of his practice, a true true expert in media all around. He has recently stated proposals for new methods of favoring competition while commercializing certain packaged media companies altogether. He’s both innovative and creative, and that’s what Mexico loves about him the most: He is a true Mexican media expert from within and without. You may see him and Grupo Televisa, as well as read about both, not only in Mexico but in nearly every other country on the face of the planet.

You may find out more through LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube, and Instagram. Countless other networks and businesses have supported Grupo Televisa and Porfirio’s search for the truth. They claim that both work side-by-side to find the best modern media topics and stories to cover while representing each side of any story in its full fairness, honesty and integrity. Not only that, but Grupo Televisa is comprised of thousands of professionally trained staff who are willing to go the extra mile to find the right story.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has supervised countless employees and can say that he only works with the best. He will not rest until an employee has fully understood each set of instructions and has thus implemented each news facet in only the most professional manner. He likewise oversees countless edits before their final submissions.

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