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Progressive Thinking With NGP VAN

According to experts, one of the most crucial things a progressive party or movement can do is to harness the power of social media in an attempt to make their voice heard. One thing that groups can do is to truly define what their voice is and make sure to solidify that through their actions. While this may seem like a no-brainer, the amount of groups who bounce from issue to issue without a clear purpose is far larger than one would think.


It is also very important to pay attention to what the audience is pulled and what is important to them as well how they prefer to digest the messages. Videos seem to do the best but there is a myriad of ways the social media platforms can be leveraged to get the message of the group to the biggest amount of people in the easiest fashion possible.

While many up and comes to the social media may not realize it, data is a huge part of social media, according to NGP VAN. This is especially true in regards to what is and what is not performing well. It helps to know the reason why each person goes to each platform. Not everyone who goes to Facebook is using it in the same way, and none of them are using it the way they use other platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.


It helps to develop a protocol as to how breaking news will be responded. This protocol should always be stuck to as it will help to define the organization and also allow people to know what to expect from your group when the big stories hit. This is slowly being known as Social Media 101, especially for groups who were previously inexperienced with it.

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