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Sam Tabar: The Economics of International Finance

For those who spend their careers working in international finance, they know the complexity that the economics of nations around the world can pose to the formation of hedge funds. To make sure a firm makes the correct decisions for itself as well as its clients, it’s imperative they employ people who have a background in both the legal and financial areas. While there are numerous people who may have backgrounds in both these fields, Sam Tabar is one individual who stands head and shoulders above everyone else.

Possessing one of the best educational backgrounds in the industry, Sam has proven to be an invaluable addition to whatever legal or financial firm for which he has worked. After graduating from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Sam decided to pursue a law degree by enrolling in Columbia Law School. Upon graduating near the top of his class at Columbia, he decided to accept a position with one of the world’s most well-known and prestigious law firms. As an Associate with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom, he was put in charge of working with clients who had numerous questions about the intricacies of hedge fund formation. While with the law firm, Sam became an industry expert on such topics as employment issues, investment management agreements, regulatory issues, and other pertinent topics.

However, after a period of time in this position, shows that Sam decided to take his education and experience to the world of high finance, accepting a high-ranking position with PMA Investment Advisors. Targeting individual investors as well as large institutional ones as well, Sam began to establish himself as a person who could deliver results almost immediately. By persevering and being determined to find success, Sam eventually compiled a rolodex with almost 2,500 names of investors with whom he had spoken and worked with over the past several years and took that with him to FullCycle Fund.

By demonstrating his ability to produce results quickly and effectively, Sam became a valuable part of the PMA team. In fact, soon after this he found himself promoted to Head of Business Development, allowing him to use more and more of his legal and financial skills. As more and more people begin to find out about Sam and his unique abilities in the world of international finance, it’s expected that he and his knowledge will be in great demand. No matter where he is employed, it’s a virtual guarantee success will follow.

Sam Tabar is a philanthropist in his personal life, doing what he can to give back to the children of the world.  But he’s also a photographer.  Sam posts many things on Instagram, usually from his travels, and all walks of his life.

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